WiFi Free in Ha Long Bay wonder

Published:  14:27 Tuesday - April 03, 2012

A lot of projects investing on Ha Long bay's infra-structure have been launched and completed. It creates favorable conditions for Ha Long Bay to develop its tourism and attracts more tourists. Among the plethora of projects, Wifi Internet coverage in Ha Long bay contributes to the infra-structure completion in the city possessing the world's natural heritage and wonder.


Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of the provincial people's committee and Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Groups on developing the WiFi Internet Access System in Quang Ninh, the cooperation objectives include: Serving the internet access demand for investors, visitors and provincial people in the central areas; broadcasting the information on social economic and cultural development of Quang Ninh province; offering favorable business conditions; supplying fast and convenient services; attracting domestic and foreign investment; Contributing to the tourism, commercial, industrial and marine economic growth; Expanding the information services of the Posts and Telecommunication Groups in Quang Ninh.

Based on this MOU, the provincial people's committee directed the Department of Information and Communication to plan the installation of WiFi Internet in the Ha Long city. It is expected that 44 areas to be supported WiFi internet so that the people and visitors can freely use the service before April 20,2012 (10 days before the Ha Long - Quang Ninh Tourism Week 2012). The installation stations are mostly located along QL18A route running through Ha Long city (From Ha Tu Post Office to Ha Long night market in Bay Chay). These locations are crowded with residents and visitors.

Local people and visitors can freely access to some basic information pages. If they want to enter some recreational services or download large capacity information, they must pay for the services. However, the people can access to WiFi internet everywhere in Ha Long city. Those who want to work outside, not at their home or offices can easily access to internet.

Ha Long city is looking forward to a modern tourism city, the development of an information and communication system is necessary, said Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong, Director of Department of Information and Communication

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