Phuoc Duc - an ancient spirit temple

Published:  14:53 Friday - July 08, 2016

Phuoc Duc temple has origin from Chinese architect but it reflects the beauty of Vietnamese soul and spirit. After many years, Phuoc Duc temple has well blended with local culture and played an important part in regional society.

Phuoc Duc temple has another name Bang Pagoda. This temple is located at 74 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 3, Bac Lieu city:

Built 1780 by Chinese and Vietnamese inhabitants, Phuoc Duc Temple is the ancient temple of Chinese origin community in Bac Lieu Province to worship God of the soil of the land Ba Thac including Bac Lieu, Soc Trang and some other near places.

There are lots of patterns and sacred beasts imprinted sophisticatedly in the temple area with the Chinese architecture style. The timber and stone plates were engraved with Han script and gilded. They are known as valuable works of the old temple. Annually, there will be the ceremony Dan Sinh Than Phuoc Duc (cerebration of the birthday of Mr Dan) the main ceremony of the temple which is celebrated on March 29 of lunar calendar. There is also festival of January 15 lunar calendar, Buddhist holiday, and New Year festival.

In summary, Phuoc Duc temple is an ancient architectural monument, related to the history of Bac Lieu Province, and is the traditionally artistic and cultural construction of Chinese origin people that is still kept up to date.

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