Pha Din Pass- Frontier between “Heaven and Earth”

Published:  16:16 Sunday - November 27, 2011

As not so far from Hanoi, only about 32 kilometers long to reach Dien Bien province, visitors in Vietnam tourism have to pass Pha Din pass, known as the longest pass in Vietnam.

Pha Din, in the local language, means “Heaven and Earth.” Accompanied by local legend, Pha Din Pass is the place where the sky meets the earth, so it is considered as the frontier between “Heaven and Earth.”

Pha Din Pass, frontier between

Pha Din Pass in Dien Bien

It’s a long time ago, there existed a deputation on the border between Lai Chau and Son La provinces. It was solved by a horse-racing. Two horses started from each side of the pass and the border was determined at the point where they met each other. The horse of Son La province ran slower than the one of Lai Chau province so the pass belonging to Son La is shortet than that of Lai Chau.

Pha Din Pass holds an important and heroic part in history, so passing Pha Din Pass to Dien Bien makes many people recall the courage of Vietnamese soldiers at Dien Bien Phu in the past.

Above 1,000m high, the pass is full of twists and turns, one side is an upright cliff and the other is a deep gulf. So, climbing and descending the slopes with their many bends and deep gorges, amid such magnificent scenery, is one of the most unforgettable tours in Vietnam to most foreign tourists.

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