Pay a Visit to Binh Duong Ceramic Villages

Published:  20:41 Sunday - December 25, 2011

Making high quality porcelain products which are safe for consumers' health, Binh Duong Ceramic Villages have been well-known all over the world together with Bat Trang, Trang An ceramic villages. These villages also attract more tours to Binh Duong and more tourists in Vietnam travel.

Ceramic villages in Binh Duong Province are located in Hung Dinh, Thuan Giao, Binh Hoa communes in Thuan An District and Thu Dau Mot Town. At present, ceramic industry in Binh Duong Province has strong development and reaches high level from manufacture of household porcelain to industrial porcelain products.

Binh Duong porcelain products has been well-known all over the world together with Bat Trang, Trang An, Bien Hoa ceramic villages, etc. Beside hundreds of ceramic workshops with traditional handicraft production method, Binh Duong has a manufacturer of high-grade porcelain products by using modern technology, machine and production line. It's Minh Long 1 Co., Ltd 

Minh Long 1 was set up in 1970 by Ly Ngoc Minh, a craftsman devoted his time to porcelain products. He is the third generation in a family with tradition making art porcelain. Studying expriences and ceramic technologies of predecessors together with researching incessantly the most advanced technologies, he has made high quality porcelains. All his exertions have created Minh Long 1 trademark. 

Salient feature of Minh Long 1 art porcelain products is colouring technology at temperature of 1,250oC. It's presumed to be the first success in the world because many famous ceramic manufacturers all over the world usually colour at temperature of 850oC. This technology helps astisans' line of drawing undamaged, products with shininess. In addition images sunk into enamel create 3-D space. This is one of the technologies which are hard to apply because when drawing at high temperature, enamel will be melted, colour structure will be changed, line of drawing will be moved. 

Pay a Visit to Binh Duong Ceramic Villages

Minh Long 1 porcelain products are not only beautiful but also safe for consumer's health. They really attract many international tourists from Japan, United States, Europe., etc.

If you have chance to visit Binh Duong in Vietnam travel, you should travel to Binh Duong ceramic villages where you can enjoy beautiful and high quality porcelain or buy some products as the gifts to your relatives.

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