One day in Hanoi - where should we go?

Published:  11:43 Monday - September 23, 2013

Hanoi is an ancient and peaceful city that there are many destinations for you to visit. If you take the first visit to Hanoi, don’t miss major places in Hanoi such as: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Tempe of Literature, Long Bien Bridge. The travelling in Hanoi is very easy, you can go by taxi, Motor taxi, bicycles or any vehicles that you want. Considering the period for travelling in Hanoi that bases on where you go, because besides a destination to visit, Hanoi is the transshipment terminal among Northern provinces.

One day in Hanoi-where should we go?

After tasting a bowl of “Pho” in an early morning in Hanoi, you should depart for Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum first because this mausoleum opens in the morning except for Morning and Friday mornings.

Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

Next, you should go for the Temple of Literature, eat vermicelli and grilled chopped meat and “hot” steamed rolled rice pancake in the old wards.

In the afternoon, you should go round Hoan Kiem lake or walk along on the old wards, pass by The Opera House and the French street and freely go shopping some souvenirs to taste “street-style” dishes.

The Opera House

When you get tired of walking, you can visit some café restaurants to take a view of Hanoi wards (café in ancient ward Hang Gai, or some restaurants with more beautiful views like Ham Ca Map building near Hoan Kiem Lake. In the evening, you can take a walk or ride a bicycle into Long Bien Bridge, take a view to reach of the Red river gentle by a busy city. For your dinners, you can try baked dishes in Hang Bong Street, eat shellfishes on Dinh Liet street or fermented pork roll at Tam Thuong gate Hang Bong street and take a cup of ice tea on Ly Thai To ward.

Price for landscape views: Temple of Literature: 20 thousand dongs; Ngoc Son Temple, Hoa Lo prison, The national Museum: 25 thousand dongs.

Places for taking meals in Hanoi

In the mornings, you should taste “Pho”, to taste this unique dish, you have two options: Pho Bat Dan (49 Bat Dan), Pho Thin (11 Lo Duc). For lunches: Vermicelli and grilled chopped meat at 67 Duong Thanh or at 47c Mai Hac De can be great choices for you. In addition, restaurants of steamed rolled rice pancake are an alternative choice, such as Thanh Van steamed roller rice pancake at 14 Hang Ga or chain store systems of Gia An steamed roller rice pancake. In the evenings, you can taste baked dishes on Hang Bong street, eat shellfishes on Dinh Liet street or Nem Tai ba Hong on 35 Hang Thung street. Café “ancient wards” in Gate 11 Hang Gai street has been a famous address with a nice view to Hoan Kiem lake. If you want to try a true café favor, you should taste café Lam at 60 Nguyen Huu Huan.

 What vehicles can be used to travel in Hanoi?

You can use taxi and walking, or travelling by taking a bicycle. Going around Hanoi isn’t difficult. With travel destinations far from the centre of the city, you can go by motorbikes, buses or private cars.

Travel in Hanoi

Around Hanoi, there are many tourist destinations within 2 days of your weekends, or even 1 day. Below are suggestions for you:

-         Tam Dao: 80 kilometer-away from Hanoi

-         Dai Lai lake: 50 kilometer-away from Hanoi   

Resort areas around Ba Vi Mountain: Dam Long, Suoi Tien, Ho Tien Sa…

Ba Vi Mountain resort (with swimming pools with open air to go camping)

These destinations have available travel facilities, standard motels and by services which are suitable for relaxing and entertainment.

About vehicles, you can go by private cars of your families or your groups of friends’motorbikes.

Traditional craft villages near Hanoi

Famous craft villages around Hanoi including: Pottery Village Bat Trang, Van Phuc silk village, Non Chuong village which are interesting villages to come.

You can make a your own pottery pridducts.

 Bat Trang Pottery Village: you can go there within a day. Come there, you will have a direct view to explore the tradition way of producing pottery products and explore the production procedures here by yourself. If you go to van Phuc silk village, you can visit some ole churches in the former province Ha Tay like: Tram Gian, Tram churches, or you can go along Day lake (to visit the Northern province villages)

Churches around Hanoi

Some churches in the suburbs of Hanoi that you can pass by like: Thay Pagoda, Dau pagoda, Boi Khe pagoda, But Thap pagoda, Do Hong picture village and Phu Lang pottery village… 

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