Choi Waterfall - Natural beauty attracting tourists in Vietnam Tourism

Published:  13:50 Friday - November 04, 2011

Choi Water (Thác Chòi) lying on Luoi Hai Mountain, Phu Tho Province is an ideal place for tourists in Vietnam Travel who want to enjoy natural beauty and adventure tourism.

Lying on Luoi Hai Mountain, about 80 km from Hanoi, Choi Waterfall is the diamond of Cu Dong Commune, Thanh Son District, Phu Tho Province. From the center of Cu Dong Commune, the route to the waterfall is not a smooth ride in the slightest but it is worth the trek as you take in some lovely scenery from the evergreen cornfields of the Choi villagers.

Passing over the three-kilometre pathway, tourists in Vietnam tourism will reach the fall and must then start to conquer it. Choi Waterfall is a system of large and small falls located close together. From a height of 50 metres, the white fall looks like a silver carpet striking under the glistening sun rays. The stream runs through large green-mossed rocks as the sponges and water streams overwhelm the area making it completely white. The fall is covered by dense green trees and on the rock walls are interlacing root sets of ancient trees.

Climbing a sloping, short section to get to the second fall, tourists will take in the panoramic view of Choi Waterfall’s downstream area. Amidst the immense forest is a sinuous long streak of the stream. In the distance, the scenery is studded with house roofs blanked in rice and corn fields. Standing there, travelers can sense both the magnificence and romance of Thanh Son.

To get to the next level of the fall, tourists need to trek up a rather tricky slope with stiff rock walls. The terrain is rather tough and rocks are slippery so trekkers are required to be very careful. However, the beauty of the fall is a challenge for the adventurer in us all who like to challenge nature.

The journey is not over until tourists reach the third level which has a very poetic and pure stream like a sleeping beauty in a primitive forest. The stream sneaks through rock slots and sometimes pours down rock cliffs. On the two banks are giant trees scattered with colorful butterflies.

At the end of the stream is two small falls running to a small valley where tourists can swim freely after getting tired of trekking. However, the water is rather deep so travelers need to wear life-jackets just to be sure.

According to locals, the peak of the waterfall is on the top of the high mountain and the only way to see it is upstreaming the fall. If you are really brave and have no fear, don’t hesitate but pack a bag and be very careful.

(Source: Dan Tri)

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Choi Waterfall - Natural beauty attracting tourists in Vietnam Tourism

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