Nghe An's unique rock formations

Published:  11:37 Wednesday - January 02, 2013

Quynh Phuong Commune in Nghe An Province is not only famous for fishermen’s festivals, but also a very beautiful stone bank.

Abbutting the sea, Quynh Phuong has great potential for Vietnam tourism development with its wide sand beaches in addition to its water-sculpted stone.

The bank is a 1km-long natural landscape of stone. The rocks provide a wonderful view, including small pools of water and a big “footprint” on the highest rock.

Legend has it that, with the ambition to connect Quynh Lap and Quynh Phuong communes, a deity decided to carry soil from the highest rock of Quynh Lap to Than Lan Mountain in Quynh Phuong. It is said that the deity used his hair to transport the soil.

He then laid rocks to form a road so he could carry the soil. He slipped along the way, though, leaving his large footprint, which can still be seen in the rock. After his fall, he gave up trying to connect the two towns and disappeared to a place unknown.

After all this time and weather, the “footprint” is wearing away. It’s not an easy climb to the highest rock with its footprint. But once standing on the peak, you will see an open and immense space of blue sky and sea.

Despite being worn by waves, the footprint has still kept its original shape. Five toes can still be distinctly seen. The shore is also home to a large amount of oysters, so visitors can enjoy a delicious meal.


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