Visiting Sen Village- President Ho Chi Minh’s Homeland

Published:  15:58 Friday - February 03, 2012

Annually, thousands of tourists in Vietnam travel visit Sen Village or Kim Lien Village in Nghe An not only to know more about childhood and lives of the late president Ho Chi Minh, but also to express their respect to the mighty father of Vietnamese race.

Just 45km from the central city of Vinh, Sen village is located in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province. The village is the birthplace of the late president Ho Chi Minh.

Like other normal rural villages in Vietnam, Sen village, also called Kim Lien village, is quite tranquil, peaceful and poetic with green bamboo, public well, temple' ground where festivals or crucial occasions of the village taking place.


 Visiting Sen Village- President Ho Chi Minh’s Homeland

Sen Village- Nghe An

Travelers in Vietnam tourism come to this village mostly to visit the house where Uncle Ho has grown up before he traveled abroad the find the way to rescue Vietnam from colonization. The house was built by donation and effort of local residents in 1901 to celebrate high result in national examination of Uncle Ho's father Nguyen Sinh Sac. It has been preserved with almost original structure and design, with all simple objects of a Confucianism family like traditional brushes or ink boxes, and popular items that can be seen in any house in rural area such as bamboo mat, trays or rice mortar. Around the house is a lush garden with numerous green plants, including many souvenir trees grown by guests who have visited this place.

Sen village was recognised as one of the national cultural historical relics by the Ministry of Culture and Information (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) in 1979.

 Visiting Sen Village- President Ho Chi Minh’s Homeland

Coc well

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