Nga Son in sedge season

Published:  10:48 Monday - August 22, 2011

Being well-known for beautiful sedge mat for centuries, Nga Son (Thanh Hoa, Vietnam) is always bustling in harvest season: the animation of the local residents together to harvest sedge and the exciting images of sedge drying a lot from the fields to the yards of each family.

Most Vietnamese know well the idiom, “Nga Son mats, Bat Trang ceramics” which signifies the popularity of these two locations.

There are many provinces planting sedge for mat making and various kinds of handicraft, but sedge in Nga Son is always considered best quality because of its soil condition. The sedge is not only long but also naturally white and free from black spots caused by stem borers.

Thousands of farmers engage in various stages of mat making, from spining, dyeing and drying, to weaving. Many co-operatives and enterprises like Viet Trang, Nga Son were established with hundreds of workers busily weaving beautiful mats in large workshops. In recent years, Nga Son mats have also had competition from artificial plastic mats flooding the markets, but these can never take the place of authentic sedge mats. Cool in summer and warm in winter, Nga Son mats ventilate well and smell of nature, linking their users to an age-old tradition and heritage which attract many tourists in Vietnam travel.

For those in Vietnam travel, this will be exciting experience to visit Nga Son in sedge season. Followings are some beautiful photos of sedge season in this place.

Nga Son district has 8 communes producing sedge mats, mainly in 4 communes such as Nga Thanh, Nga Lien, Nga Tien, Nga Thuy.

 Source: Vnexpress

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