My Khanh Tourist Village- A Special Village in Can Tho

Published:  23:01 Tuesday - December 20, 2011

Paying a visit to My Khanh Tourist Village, visitors in Vietnam travel often feel relaxed and comfortable. It brings the features of a garden-style eco-tourist site in Can Tho. Visiting the village, visitors not only can experience the old days of Southerners’ life, but also enjoy fruits, hot tea and listen to music.

My Khanh tourist village is located at 335 Lo Vong Cung Street, Phong Dien District, about five kilometers from Can Tho City by road or river.

My Khanh village, which was established in 1996, features a garden-style eco-tourist site. The village is a special one in Can Tho which brings about comfort and relaxation for any visitor.

Visiting My Khanh Tourist Village, visitors in Vietnam travel can experience the old days of southerners’ life by taking on the costume of a rich landlord who lived in a big house or of a normal traditional farmer to feel the difference. As a rich landlord, you can enjoy fruit, hot tea and listen to music from a hand-operated gramophone made more than 300 years ago. As a farmer, you are given opportunity to work and prepare meals as southern farmers did in the past.

Another feature that makes My Khanh tourist village special is the 100-year-old southern house that was moved piece by piece from Can Tho's Binh Thuy Ward and reassembled.

At the village, you are served with Mekong Delta specialties such as baby rabbits, snakes, tortoises, bats, cuckoos and crocodiles, etc. The meals include regional fruits such as rambutans, durians, langsats, mangosteens, oranges, tangerines and pomeloes.

My Khanh tourist village also provides accommodation features of Central Highlands-style stilt houses with total 300 well-furnished rooms in all. Besides, there are other entertainment services including a swimming pool, fishing and boating on the river.


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