Mountain Elephant likes huge elephant lying between paddy field and blue sky

Published:  09:01 Friday - June 22, 2012

Through Kien An district, travelers will see Mountain Elephant which is the site of a widely diverse natural landscape. The Mountain looks like a huge elephant lying between paddy field and blue sky, with an area of more 1km2, 145m high reflected in Lach Tray river.

In Mountain Elephant, there are many “fairy caves”, such as Hong Voi, Chieng, Ca Chep, and Be. To the south of the Mountain is the Nam Tao Cave, and to the north is the Bac Dau Cave. According to Chinese myth, Nam Tao and Bac Dau are the two gods who care for life and death. , there are lot of stalactites of various shapes in the cave, looking like kneeling dragons, tigers, and the head of an elephant.

On top of the mountain, there is an flat area, which is called the “Fairy Chess Board”. There are also ruins of pagodas and citadels from the 16thcentury Mac Dynasty on the mountain. Speciality is the remains of the ancient Viet civilization, including stone axes and chisels, etc, which date back to over 3,000 years.


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