Mang Den – you should not miss in 2013

Published:  02:42 Thursday - January 03, 2013

Natural space, primitive ecosystem, the pristine and pureness as the flower blooming have created an intriguing Mang Den Ecotourism driving many tourists touching when setting foot this land.

According to Vietnam Tourism Development Strategy to 2030, the Central Highlands is identified as one of seven specific tourist areas of Vietnam and Mang Den Ecotourism under Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province is one of the 31 zones having scale and particularly prominent tourism potential in Vietnam invested by Vietnam Government with the aim for the development of national tour.

When mentioning to culture-tourism Central Highlands, it means that we will think firstly about space of Gongs culture, epic treasure, the architecture of Rong house, Buon Me Thuat coffee and lively and rich songs… All of the images, languages, and sounds create an instinctive and strong Central Highlands.

Purple sunset falls Mang Den mountains

With an annual average temperature of 20 degrees, Mang Den is cool all year round

Yeloow fields along the hillside in Mang Den

Mang Den has the cultural  diversity of peoples including  ethnic Mơnâm,

Xêđăng, Kadong, H’rê accounting for more than 97% in population

The stilt houses nestled peacefully in mountainside.

The majestic Dak Ke waterfall

Romantic natural landscape

A ravishing lake in the mountain

Mang Den has pristine beauty and pureness like the image of young girl: simplicity, innocence. Therefore, the eco-resort is the key strengths of the Mang Den. Under humid tropical climate, Mang Den proudly owns fresh cool air all year around and natural, majestic beauty of landscape and it always offers tourists opportunity to visit to this land.

In addition, Mang Den has an important position in economic exchanges particularly being located on National Road No.24 linking Kon Tum province and the central coastal provinces; as well as situated on the East-West Economic corridor through Bo Y international border via National Road No.24 to the central coastal resorts. Going through this gate, visitors can get to the tourist attractions in the Central Highlands (Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Lam Dong, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai).

Translated by Nguyen Hao

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