Make your weekends more relaxing in Van Long – Kenh Ga

Published:  11:29 Wednesday - September 11, 2013

Van Long - Kenh Ga reservation area, which is located in Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province and 90 kilometer far from the south of Hanoi, is the ideal destination for tourists at the short weekends…

After tiring and stressful working days, tourists can relax by dipping in Kenh Ga hot mineral spring and feel relaxed and comfortable by mixing your soul with the natural beauty of peaceful landscapes.

When going to Van Long ecological tourism area, tourists can feel the tottering sensation in barge boats, see the charming mountains and rivers of the flooded forest ecosystem and gaze with the world of nature with hundreds of birds, storks, cranes…Van Long is a legendary land and an amazingly beautiful landscape for tourism, while at the same time, the largest mangrove nature reserve in northern delta, Ninh Binh province.

Van Long reserve is on area of 2,643 hectares in seven communes of Gia Vien district. In the Van Long forest, there are 457 species of plants, eight of which are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book. There are 39 species of animals, including nine precious species such as languor, Tibetan bear, chamois, Loris, and red-face monkey. There are nine reptiles listed in Vietnam’s Red Book such as grass-snake, varan, slow and harmless boas, and gecko.

Continuing the trip, tourists can visit Kenh Ga - Dong Van Trinh hot mineral spring or go boating in Hoang Long river to taste open-water feeling, combined mountains and rivers and the peaceful landscape as well as ordinary and simple life of local people… Tourists will have relaxed feelings at Kenh Ga hot mineral spring – the ideal tourism destination at weekends.

Sitting on boats to travel around Van Long ( Ninh Binh province), tourists can freely release your souls with nature, clouds and gaze the Pygathrix flickering on limestone mountains. It is the biggest flooded reservation area in the north of Vietnam that is also called as “Ha Long in land”

Go boating in Van Long


Rightly starting the territory of Ninh Binh province, you will see the sign for Cuc Phuong national park and you will see Van Long ecological reservation area to the right about 8 kilometers from this sign.  

The original fact is the landscape which is reserved integrally and cleanly. The friendly boatman can be the guide to introduce you Nghien, Hom Sach, Da Ban, Meo Cao, Co Tien, Vo Dung, Canh Cong, Mo Coi Mountain... Each one is an attractive legend. The picturesque landscape reflects strong engraved things of Limestone Mountains the same right as their names. However, the water surface here hasn’t the blue color of the sea; it is so pure that people can clearly see the water-plants and mosses at the bottom.

In the middle of fatherland area, there is the beautiful cave with strange stalagmites as Ca, Bong, Rua cave. You can explore each cave to taste new feelings between the spacious water areas.  

picturesque landscape

Picturesque landsape

Kenh Ga floating village

It is said that this village is called Kenh Ga because there is a stone like a rooster on the mountain and it is surrounded by rivers 2 three-way crossroads which are 300 meter away from each other. The outer area of Hoang Long River is the ecological area. 3 kilometer away from Van Long, Kenh Ga is famous for the source of hot mineral spring. Water pours from a limestone mountain without drilling into the underground with the temperature of 50 C degree. The special thing with the mineral water there is the high degree of salting. This mountain is surrounded by the canal connecting to Hoang Long River to form a separate oasis.

Tourists can sit on boats and mix your souls with the simple and peaceful life of people in Fishing Village. This is Vietnamese rural life at its best. The landscape is stunning with hundreds of limestone peaks jutting out of the emerald green paddies Vietnamese fishermen rowing boat with their legs , kids herding ducks & buffaloes and people living in the house boats are all daily scenes

Kenh Ga mineral spring has been invested to serve tourists some services like hotels, restaurants and especially hot swimming pools, restaurants, aeration pools.

Composed by: Hien Tran

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