Magic Beauty of Heaven Pond – Fairy Spring in Phu Tho

Published:  15:40 Thursday - December 29, 2011

According to the fairy tales, whoever has the luck to bathe in Heavy Pond- Fairy Spring in 3 years will have a skin as bright as pearl, a face as beautiful as full moon, and a soul as elegant as that of a fairy. Therefore, this place has become a magically attractive destination in Vietnam tourism.

Heaven Pond – Fairy Spring is located on Na Mountain, the highest one in Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province. Tourists in Vietnam travel need to drive only 80km away from Viet Tri City and 15km away from Ao Chau to reach it.

The road to the Heaven Pond - Fairy Spring lies between hundreds of mountains peaks which have the average height of 500-600m above the sea level. However, the 1200m high peak of Na Mountain surpasses them all and stands spectacularly against the blue sky.

Fairy Spring originates from Na Mountain. Running through the giant blocks of stones, it becomes a strip of white silk hanging on the mountains’ slope, standing out from the green color of the forest and blending in with the blue color of the sky to make a spectacular yet mysterious scene. With a length of 10km, the spring is full of rocks and yellow sand which filter the water. At the origin of the spring, we can find the Fairy Well.

From the bottom of this well, water rushes up to form Fairy Spring which then creates as many as 14 beautiful waterfalls. Some of these waterfalls are 20m high; they look like

some immaculately white curtains covering the gates of many hidden caves. The powerful flow of water has worn off the giant stones on the foot of the waterfalls, creating ponds of various sizes which have the stones as their bottom. Local tales describe this place as where the fairies used to come frequently.

The king of heaven has raised the level of water so that it overflowed the well and poured down the mountain and formed the waterfalls that we see today. Whoever has the luck to bathe in Heaven Pond-Fairy Spring in 3 years will have a skin as bright as pearl, a face as beautiful as full moon, and a soul as elegant as that of a fairy. Perhaps because of these tales, Fairy Spring has been magically attractive. Especially during the hot summer day, there are hundreds of people who come there to relax and admire the scenery.

This tourist site still preserved its original beauty with great tourism potential. Traveling to this place, tourists in Vietnam travel will join interesting tourism activities like mountain climbing and camping.


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