Lady Thien Hau Pagoda- A Religious Place for Chinese in Vietnam

Published:  16:26 Tuesday - December 27, 2011

Lady Thien Hau Pagoda, also known as Ba Pagoda, is a worshiping site and religious place for Chinese in Vietnam. It is situated in Nguyen Du Road, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong Province.

The Lady Thien Hau Pagoda was built on Huong Chu Hien Canal, in the middle of the 19th century. In 1880, an additional back house was built and in 1925 the pagoda was moved to its current location. 

Lady Thien Hau Pagoda- A Religious Place for Chinese in Vietnam

Ba Pagoda or Lady Thien Hau Pagoda- Binh Duong

Several deities are worshipped inside the pagoda, including Lares, Mon Quan Saint Mother Thien Hau, Bon Dau Cong Couple (Chinese General) and also Ngu Hanh Nuong Nuong (Five Lady Saint of the five basic element of eastern philosophy): Saint Kim (Metal), Moc (Wood), Thuy (Water), Hoa (Fire), Tho (Earth). 

Annually, on the 23rd day of the 3rd lunar month, which is the anniversary of the death of Lady Thien Hau, there is a ceremony at the Lady pagoda. This ceremony attracts many pilgrims from all over the country.

Coming to Binh Duong province in this period of time, tourists in Vietnam travel also have chance to join the ceremony.

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