Ky Lua Market- A Bustling Trade Center of Lang Son

Published:  10:07 Wednesday - December 28, 2011

Ky Lua Market is situated in the city center of Lang Son, Lang Son province. The market has come into operation for hundreds of years. It has become a bustling trade center of the local people as well as visitors in Vietnam travel.

Ky Lua Market in Lang Son is where occurs the exchange of goods between regions in the country with cultural activities being characterized the national identity of Lang Son province. The market monthly occurs 6 sessions dating on 2nd, 7th of lunar calendar, and it consists of goods from almost all provinces.

People usually not only go to market for sale but also to visit, talk about business. Ky Lua Market is also a meeting place of young ethnic people such as Tay, Nung, Dao. They gather in the market, buy the goods, meet their friends and find their partners through love songs. At the market, along with diverse color of brocade, clothes, there are delicious dishes characterized by Lang mountainous area.

Each year, Lang Son occur Ky Lua fair, lasting from 22 to 27 January lunar months, this is the traditional cultural activity. Ky Lua market today has been transformed and open all day and night. With the fresh air of the frontier mountain region, tourists in Vietnam travel can’t help moving and being impressed with the shopping activity in night scenes when once traveling to Lang Son.

Joining tours in Vietnam and you have chance to reach Lang Son, the Ky Lua market will be a worthy-visit place which should not be missed by you!

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