Kon Tum Cathedral- The pride of Tay Nguyen People

Published:  10:35 Sunday - December 25, 2011

Kon Tum Cathedral, also known as Kon Tum Wooden Church, is considered the most beautiful and antique relic. The Cathedral has always been the pride of Tay Nguyen people. Tourists in Vietnam travel coming to Kon Tum are often enchanted with the brown bell-tower of the Church imposingly rising towards the blue sky.

Welcoming visitors with winding foggy roads at dawn, which suddenly be brighten by warm sunshine at noon; with the romantic location on the charming Dak Blah River looming under the foot of the majestic Ngoc Linh Mountain, Kon Tum town appears as pure and strong as the existing nature of Tay Nguyen people.

Kon Tum draws visitors’ attention right at first sight with the brown bell-tower of Kon Tum Wooden Church, which imposingly rises towards the blue sky.


Kon Tum Cathedral- The pride of Tay Nguyen People

Kon Tum Cathedral- The pride of Tay Nguyen People

Regarded as the most beautiful and antique relic, Kon Tum Cathedral or  Kon Tum Wooden church has always been the pride of Tay Nguyen people.

The Cathedral is situated right at the center of Kon Tum town, on a spacious area with many enclosed combining constructions: church – guest house – house displaying traditional and religious items – Rong house. Besides, stepping into the church campus, tourists in Vietnam travel will have chance to visit other places such as the brocatelle sewing and weaving factory, joinery and orphanage.

The Cathedral is initially constructed in 1913 by the French priests. Having existed for more than 100 years, the Wooden Church is a special artistic architecture which is perfectly designed under the combination of Roman architectural style and Ba Na people’s architecture for stilt house. Hence, its beauty is the convergence of Tay Nguyen culture and Western style.

Kon Tum Cathedral attracts visitors in Vietnam travel not only for its harmonious layout, majestic architecture, but also for the traditional values that it carries. All the items in the church area bear the special traditional culture of Tay Nguyen people, from the Rong house, the wooden statues to the patterns carved on woods.

When stepping in the church, tourists in Vietnam travel will be impressed by the display house where local culture features will be introduced. On the left hand side is a solemn room for prayers.

The Cathedral was completely made of the best quality wood at that time. Besides, the walls are made of soil mixed with straw, which was a typical house constructing style of people living in central Vietnam. However, the cathedral still exists at its best appearance and stability.

If possible, you, travelers joining tours in Vietnam, visit the Cathedral during the Christmas days, you will have chance to experience the celebrating atmosphere of the Noel festival. Local people from many ethnic minority groups gather together to enjoy the festival. 


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