Hon Trem- A Charming Island in Kien Giang

Published:  14:58 Tuesday - February 14, 2012

Hon Trem (Trem Island) with its golden yellow sand, crystal clear water and beautiful coconut groves alongside is a popular and attractive destination for tourists in Vietnam travel. This charming island is located about 80km off Rach Gia town of Kien Giang province.

Although Hon Trem may be a small island, it is definitely a proud one, as the island cradles among the country’s most attractive beach, the Bai Hon Trem. Tourists in Vietnam tourism coming to Kien Giang province are attracted to this charming island where they have chance to admire its golden yellow sand, crystal clear water and attractive coconut groves.


Hon Trem- A Charming Island in Kien Giang

Hon Trem or Trem Island- Kien Giang


The beauty, however, does not end on its beaches’ warm sand. To its far end, an attractive resort sits on a cliff not very distant below the Chung Son Mountain. Filled with several fancy bungalows lined halfway up to the hill and an 80-room hotel built inshore to the hill base, the entirety of Hon Trem Resort is a perfect holiday getaway.

The little cape may be an attraction in itself, but anyone who comes for a visit will discover an incomparable panorama only to be seen atop from the resort. When the darkness covers the poetic view of the island at night, the lights peeking from windows of homes along the island twinkling in harmony with the tiny lamps from fishing boats of different sizes is equally as panoramic.

With the numerous options for recreation, including snorkeling at the beach front, scuba diving, boat trips, horse riding, walking along the beach and enjoying the water itself, tourists in Vietnam travel will never run out of things to see and do. Aside from sightseeing tours, fishing tours, guests can also sign up for guided to nearby attractions like Hang (Cave) Pagoda, Phu Tu (Father and Son) Island, and Tien (Fairy) Well.

If you want to find somewhere in Vietnam and enjoy your vacation, staying in Hon Trem Resort of Kien Giang will be a good ideal.


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