Historical Vestige of Lang Son’s Chi Lang Border

Published:  07:54 Friday - December 23, 2011

Chi Lang Border, also called Ải Chi Lăng in Vietnamese language, lying on the south of Lang Son province, used to be a strategic spot of war, is the historical vestige now. It has become an interesting destionation of tourists in Vietnam travel who are fond of joining Vietnamese history-discovering tours.

The Chi Lang Border is located in Chi Lang District, Lang Son Province, and 110km from Hanoi and 60km from the Sino-Vietnamese border. It consists of a valley surrounded by high mountains and through which runs the Thuong River.

Historical Vestige of Lang Son’s Chi Lang Border

Chi Lang Border- Lang Son Province

The mountains were opened in two locations to form two gates. The northern gate was named Quy Mon Quan, meaning "monster gate," after the Chinese invaders who entered Vietnam through this gate. The southern gate was called Ngo The, meaning "swearing gate." Vietnamese ancestors who swore to sacrifice their lives to protect their motherland and to prevent invaders from entering Vietnam via this defile built the gates.

In the past, in this area that King Le Hoan defeated the Chinese Sung troops in 981 and killed all the enemies. In 1076, Prince Consort Than Canh Phuc set a front line against 300,000 Sung enemies. Led by Quach Quy in 1285, Nguyen Dia Lo killed traitor Tran Kien in the second National Resistance against Yuan-Mongol invaders. In 1427, Lam Son righteous army killed invader leader Lieu Thang, caught Hoang Phuc, killed 10,000 Ming enemies and overthrew all their maneuvers.

Nowadays, joining tours in Vietnam, tourists in Vietnam travel considers the Chi Lang Border- a historical vestige as a stop in a journey to Lang Son where they can enjoy the imposingly natural beauty of the landscape.

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