Hanam province with Natural beauty sights

Published:  16:42 Monday - December 05, 2011

Hanam province with Natural beauty sights has many beautiful destinations that should not be missed, such as Ngu dong son, tam chuc lake, ba danh pagoda, Phuc Long Grotto,...ect

Truc Temple and Ngu Dong Son in Thi Son commune, Kim Bang district are about 8 km from Phu Ly town. They are located nearby the National Route no.21 on the tour route from Phu Ly to Perfume Pagoda. They are beautiful caves consisting of five connecting caves creating an interrupted chain with a length of over 100 m and greatly different stalactites in their primitive nature. Theses stalactites form hundreds of sparkling and miraculous shapes which can be imagined as lion, eagle, breast milk pot, Tang zeng on the way to find the Buddhist Prayer book, and etc, forming part of the Quyen Son cultural vestiges.

Inside Ngu Dong Son

Ngu Dong Son connects closely with Truc Temple vestige worshipping the national hero Ly Thuong Kiet. He held a victory ceremony at the foot of the mountain where has thick and interminable bamboo forests, the Truc Temple festival and Quyen Son folk songs.

Thuy Grotto (Luon cave): Getting to the grotto is by passing Hong Phu bridge from Phu Ly town along the National Route no.21 to Km11 and then turning left for about 500m. Thuy Grotto is approximate 400m long, locating deep inside the mountain. It is an attractive ecotourism site which has been planned with many services such as trekking, relaxing and entertaining.

Tam Chuc lake in Ba Sao commune, Kim Bang district is about 12km from Phu Ly town on the National Route no.21A, bordering with Hoa Binh and Ha Tay, and approximate 3 km mountain road from Huong Son tourist area. The total area is 1042 ha, in which the lake constitutes approximate 720 ha. Tam Chuc lake is being planned with projects investing on infrastructure construction and weekend ecotourism resort including main tourist services namely: lake tour, leisure, trekking, sport and entertainment

Waterfall in Tam Chuc Lake

Phuc Long Grotto is located in Chua mountain region in Chau village, a part of Kien Khe mountain range (also known as Thien Kien mountain). Chua mountain is one of the linking mountain peaks in Chau Son village and La Mat village, Kien Khe commune. Chua mountain is the central peak, where Hang pagoda and the temple at the north of the pagoda are located. The grotto, which is harmonised with the pagoda scenery, borders with the Communal house and the pagoda in Chau village, forming an attractive landscape vestige for near and far tourists.

Thanh Liem tourist area consists of Kem Trong, Tien pagoda, Giong Lo cave, and Chau pagoda. At Kem Trong tourists will recall one poem written by Ho Xuan Huong, the legend of Trinh Lord, and etc. These sights are small in size but are favoured with many beautiful landscapes locating in a narrow area which is convenient for travelling. They are potential for touris development providing investments and restoration activities are available.

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Ha Nam Province, There are many must-see places that should not be missed!


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