Ham Ho - thousands of diamond boasfully showing in the transparently green stream

Published:  17:33 Thursday - December 08, 2011

Ham Ho stream to be like thousands of diamond boasfully showing in the transparently green stream. it is very beautiful and clean.Specialy, Upstream swimming fish are thrown back upwardly by the waterfall which looks beautifully like flying fish...

Ham Ho (the name of the beautiful waterfall in the city) which is a 3 km-long section of the river flowing through huge and diversified blocks of rock in the domain of Tan Phu commune Tay Son district, 55 kilometers far from Quy Nhon, is well-known of having plenty of fish especially during seasons of torrential rains. Fish from everywhere gather here in schools densely occupying the lake. Upstream swimming fish are thrown back upwardly by the waterfall which looks beautifully like flying fish. The rumor  has spread  among people that every year the Dragon, the king of the river, organizes the competition  for fish at Ham Ho. Any of them passing the test will be converted into dragons. By this classic reference, the Ham Ho is named as Vu Mon  (Dancing Gate), and is also called by folks here as the flying fish waterfall.


With an approximate width of 30 meters, the bottom of the river is thoroughly covered with blocks of granite dazzingly and brilliantly displaying in a variety of forms and colors like thousands of diamond boasfully showing in the transparently green stream. Hon Da Thanh (Thanh Stone), located along the river, is an upright stone cliff like an ancient city wall fully covered with green mosses and roots. On the left side is a bank of rock stacked-up as if a giant were trying to unload a big basket of rocks onto the riverbank, so people call this section of the river, a rock-covered bank by God. Passing this part of the river is a pool which is the concentration point for red-eyed trout.

Continuing on another short distance, there is a mass of rock which looks like a crocodile lying in the middle of the river blocking the swift-flowing stream, and making white bubbles spring up dazzlingly. Therefore it is called hoan Trao (Overflowing Islet). And more, masses of rock are lively and implicitly spiritual, such as Vo Ruou Islet, The Giant’s footprints Islet, Fairy Chessboard Islet, Hon Ong Tao (Kitchen God Islet). The more people view the natural landscape, the more fascinated they feel with the forest fragrance, as sweet as honey, and the melodious singing of birds. The nature here creates a vivid and miraculous picture and is an ideal place for tourist’ relaxation Ham Ho is also a place which is deeply engraved in history the Tay Son rising-up movement, the Mai Xuan Thuong army of volunteers, and the resistance war for independence.


On both banks of Ham Ho is a shadowy forest along with a mountain wall staightened-up like big shields. Along the river is up-and-down chians of granite in particularly interesting forms. This area has other names like “Ham Ho Stone Pillar” with tourist’ attractions such as Da Thanh, Chessboard stone, Da Chum. Da Trai, Cua Sanh, Cua Tu (Death gate ), Thac Ca Bay (flying fish waterfall), Gigantic  Footprints etc. especially in the season of sesame flower buds which are fully in red bloom on the spring banks. There are many big and old sesame trees at this place, so one restaurant here is named “Sesame Flower Buds”.

It was designed as a stilt house (Nha san), from which the whole view of forests and the Ham Ho waterfall can be seen. Also there a very special and attraction food, a deep-fried hemicultur (ca muong) dish to ba served with young sesame buds wrapped with rice papers. That is exactly the special dish of Ham Ho, because there is a great deal of hemiculturs living and growing in the Kut river. Mr. Nguyen Dinh Sanh, director of Ham Ho Tourism Zone, said, “the protection of the enviroment and the cleaning up of waste in the area has a top priority. The compliance of the set rules and regulations makes Ham Ho a clean and beautiful place. Whenever coming here, tourists would perceive a God-blessed magnificence of a place named Ham Ho. That is the people’s own hands in protecting the natural enviroment to turn Ham Ho into a not only beautiful but unusually dirt-free place”.

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Binh Dinh province, Ham Ho is a must-see place that should not be missed!


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