Ha Tien town - Kien Giang

Published:  11:03 Monday - January 28, 2013

From the 18th century, Ha Tien has been one of the crowded trading townships, a port full of ships from western and Asian countries. The trading shop and stalls of the Chinese people were spring up. Ha Tien sea is currently one of the beautiful landscapes with originated scene, quiet and romantic, a masterpiece gifted by nature.

About 93km from the main centre of Kien Giang city, Ha Tien is famous for the beautiful landscape and visited by many visitors. The mountain around Ha Tien is grandiose with green color like the partition from the sea and mountain.

Ha Tien town

Standing in the peak of the mountain, with one side is South China sea, and the other is Voi Phuc mountain, you could have an overview for the township with Vietnam travel guide. Behind the Binh Mountain, Thach Dong Cave is famous for the legend of the Thach Sanh man fight the monster expressed in the stalactites according to the imagination of the ancient people with many interesting points.

To the South, we could see Hon Chong (Spike Mountain), this is a mountain surrounded by the blue water and waves all day long like a story of the father and his child together defeating the evils of the sea.

Ha Tien has tens of landscape that is well known such as: Dong Ho An Nguyet, Binh San Diep Thuy, Thach Dong Thon Van, Loc Chi Thon Cu, etc. Next to the shore, there are some islands like Hai Tac (pirates) which is about 11km from the Mui Nai beach. Visitors could witness the coral, sea snail; enjoy the historical landscape on the boat, going fishing, water skiing, skyscraper, etc.

In the journey from the Hang Pagoda to some minutes on the canoe, you could come to Gia Long cave. You could also visit the other famous landscapes of Ha Tien such as temple of Nguyen Trung Truc, tomb of the general Le Kim Dinh, etc, that will give you the new adventurous feeling.

Coming to Ha Tien, visitors could enjoy the meat of bien mai grilled on the red charcoal. This is a species which appears in the 5m deep rock bench. The tail of bien mai is stick to the rock, and its body is vertical along the waves. This is a specialty of Ha Tien.


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