Go Thap bearing great cultural and historical value

Published:  11:29 Wednesday - December 07, 2011

At the distance of 43 kilometers from Cao Lanh city, Go Thap is an Archaeological Area that is well known for 5 main relics. Traveling to Dong Thap province, visitors in Vietnam travel should not ignore this place where the relics still bear great cultural and historical value.

Covering two communes of My Hoa and Tan Kieu, Thap Muoi District, Dong Thap Province, 43km from Cao Lanh City, Go Thap Archaeological Area is well known for 5 main relics including Thap Muoi Hill, Co Tu Tower, Binh Kieu Grave, Minh Su Temple, and Ba Chua Xu Temple. Relics in this area bear great cultural and historical value, which makes both archaeologists and tourists in Vietnam travel attracted very much.

Co Tu Tower is 100m north of Thap Muoi Hill. It was built during the Thieu Tri period (1841-1842) and was formerly known as the Temple of Chan Lap. 

Behind this temple is the Dong Thap Muoi military base, which was under the command of Doc Binh Kieu, one of the leaders of the resistance against French troops. More than 2000 years ago, Thap Muoi Hill was a residential area. Archaeologists have discovered a number of antiques in this area, especially artifacts belonging to the Oc-Eo civilization. During both National Resistance Movements against the French Troops and the US Army, the military base supported liberation organizations and other resistance activities. 

With its historical and cultural value, Go Thap has been recognized as a cultural vestige by the Ministry of Culture and Information. In the near future, it is expected to become an interesting tourist area of the Dong Thap province.


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