Gialong Waterfall- a majestic and wild beauty

Published:  08:59 Saturday - July 14, 2012

Gia Long is a beautiful waterfall on the river system by Srepok landscape here is majestic and wild.

Gia Long or Dray Sap Thuong (Upper Dray Sap) waterfall, located in Dak Sor commune, Krong No district, Dak Nong province, is the upper reaches of the system of three waterfalls: Gia Long, Dray Nur and Dray Sap in Serepok River.

The locals living here long after called Gia Long waterfall that is derived from King Gia Long had ever come to rest and the mountains to cut a path to a charming waterfall. which is a pool where the kings of relaxation.

The water in the waterfall runs very fast and the water curls flows from the height of about 50m with the 100m width of Serepok, which overflows the waterfall area to make it look like the boiling oil pan flowing to the lower section.

Tourists will be very impressed by the wonderful beauty of The Waterfall and the space of jungle nearby, which embraces the Tam Tien lake (Naked Bathing Lake). This is the natural creation covering the width of 80 sq m. Moreover, though located in the rapid scheme of Seropok, it still has the pure water line from the inside of the mountain. The natural scenery in this complex contains all the typical features: singing sounds of birds, special utilizing of ecology with precious wood trees and fully done tourism infrastructure,...Therefore, the landscape has attracted many tourists to come and rest here.

Gialong Waterfall



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