Discover the Hidden Charm of To Nung Lake

Published:  16:25 Thursday - February 09, 2012

In Vietnam, many mysterious stories are originated from Central Highlands. Visiting this sunny and windy land, tourists in Vietnam travel have opportunity to discover the charming landscapes of this land and also experience the life of ethnic people. Of all the beautiful landscapes, To Nung Lake is a must-see place that you should not miss.

Vietnam’s Central Highlands are the origin of many mysterious stories. Visiting this sunny and winy land, tourists are offered to discover the purified lakes and rivers and vast swathes of old-growth jungle as well as experience the life of ethnic minority group. Of all the charming landscapes of this land, it would be a “big miss” if not mentioning To Nung Lake (T’nung Lake of Bien Ho – Sea Lake) in Bien Ho Commune, approximately 8km from Pleiku city, Gia Lai Province.

To Nung Lake used to be the flooded cater of a volcano millions years ago, but now it plays as the reservoir and the tourist attraction of the city. Located in the middle of the red soil land of the highlands, To Nung Lake is well-known for its green clear water and the spectacular surrounding landscapes of lush vegetation and colorful insects. It is regarded as an emerald, the pride of highland Pleiku.

Tourists in Vietnam travel have to pass through a green shade of pine trees before reaching To Nung Lake. Tourists can take a “thuyen doc moc” to discover the hidden charms of the lake, to see the shadows of the pure and sparkling surface of the lake and to jump into the forest to explore the wild nature. Here, tourists have chance to see plenty of diversified flora and fauna. Moreover, ones can participate in some fishing or watching the turtles for pleasure and relaxation.

To Nung (T’Nung) is also the name of the village nearby. It is the home of ethnic minorities such as Bana, Gia Rai living in harmony. Those visiting here may go for a stroll around the village to experience the traditional customs and culture of local people. Some are fascinated to stay overnight in the village for camping-fire and enjoying grilled fish drunk with Can wine.

In 1988, To Nung Lake (or Bien Ho) was recognized as a national landscape for its beauty by the Ministry of Culture and Information. The lake has been kept intact with a primitive charm that attracts tourists in Vietnam travel from everywhere.

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