Funny trip to Monkey pagoda, Vung Tau

Published:  18:33 Tuesday - January 03, 2012

It's surely an interesting ecotourism!

Monkey pagoda lies at the bottom of Ky Van mountain, belongs to Long Hai Town, Long Dien District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. Besides natural beauty, the fascinating things are funny monkeys, raised in the natural environment on the Ky Van mountain behind the pagoda.

The pagoda has correct name Nguyen Chon Monastery. Because of raising so many monkeys, it is known as the Monkey pagoda. These smart animals usually live wildly in the mountains. Over 10 years ago, Abbot Thich Thong Luan treated some mokeys which go down the pagoda to mump. Until getting acquainted, they go down the mountain every day. At first the number was not much, it is now up to nearly 200.

Vietnam tourism come here often bring bananas and other fruits to feed the monkeys before seeing landscape. Stand out among thousands of green trees, the rock masterpiece from the tectonic nature will make visitors surprised and interested. A rock shaped “snake holds gem in mouth” symbol of prosperity, a large rock shaped like the Buddha statue reminds the peace; a different platform like a giant elephant into submission, a hundred years old tree, foot and roots crowd in rock cave recalled the Konia tree in Highlands …, all made the unique pagoda that nowhere can have.

In spring, the road from Long Hai town filled with pink and white brilliant blossoms peach.

This is an interesting ecology tourism place where many travelers like to chose it as a stop place in Long Hai tour.

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