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Published:  20:27 Sunday - April 01, 2012

Not only being a famous archaeological place of Vietname and the world with vestiges and antiquities of the ancient Champa culture, Sa Huynh sea is also a wonderful sea in the Centre region of Vietnam.


sa huynh sea

The shiny yellow sand of Sa Huynh sea

Sa Huynh sea is located in Duc Pho district which is 60 kilometers southern far away from Quang Ngai centre, closely besides 1A natural highway. Different from other seas having white sand, Sa Huynh sea has the shiny yellow sand which is more brilliant and sparkling under the sunlight. Because of its special sand, the sea was originally named Sa Hoang (yellow sand) , but this name was nearly the same with the name of Nguyen Hoang king of Nguyen So empire so people made a change of this name to Sa Huynh.

Sa Huynh beach looks like crescent moon which is 5-6 kms in length. Seeing through the sea water, the sea floor contains sloping yellow sands which are very smooth. Having the rock attractions such as Chau Me, Monkey island, etc and peaceful resorts in pure air, the sea becomes a safe and attractive travel destination for visitors.

Travel to Sa Huynh sea, visitor have chances to see the historical railway located at km 985 near the train station  which was built to exploit salt by the French colonists.

exploit salt

Salt exploitation 

Visitors can also contemplate a series of jar tombs and ancient artifacts buried in the ground, the remains of featured Champa culture which was discovered by French archaeologists in “Sa Huynh culture” work in the beginning of XX century.

jar tombs

Jar tombs of Champa culture

Cau gai and Huynh de crab are two most famous dishes of Sa Huynh sea. Huynh de crab is a special kind of crab which is very big, red-brick and weighs up to 1 kilogram each one. The crab spoiled then served with chili salt is a delicious and unforgettable dish.

huynh de crab

Huynh de crab spoiled and served with chili salt

Moreover, salted nhum is another pride of  Sa Huynh residents. Nhum, also known as cau gai, is one kind of sea animals, is found depending on reasons and the local people make them salted for using all year. Being famous through the country , salted nhum formerly was a special dish to tribute to the king.

Small and wild fishing village Sa Huynh now becomes a beautiful town attracting more and more visitors. They comes to contemplate the peaceful beauty of ancient culture which remains on the faces , the warmly close lifestyle of  the local residents ; the ancient pottery products and the household items made by local people nowadays.

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