Enjoy the Wild Beauty of Dong Chau Beach-Thai Binh

Published:  20:49 Wednesday - December 21, 2011

Coming to Dong Chau Beach, tourists in Vietnam will enjoy the fresh air, soft winds and good climate of an ideal beach. The beach with the length of 5 km surrounded by green pine forests has reserved much of a wild beauty.

The Beach is located in Dong Minh Commune, Tien Hai District, 30km far from Thai Binh City along National Road 39B, and 145km from Hanoi. The total area of this tourist spot is about ten thousand km2. The centre of this tourist spot is Dong Chau Beach with the length of 5 km, green pine forests and small clear beach.

Several hotels and guest houses are available for visitors to stay in when they come here to relax. The hotels and guesthouses have been built in coconut groves and huge gardens, you will surely feel that they are so pleasant!

Crossing the sea, about 7 km off land, is Con Thu (Thu Hillock) and Con Vanh (Vanh Hillock) with the white sandy beaches, you can enjoy the fresh and cheap seafood here. Although Dong Chau is not ideal for bathing in the sea, it is so interesting for tourists to visit the hillocks by ships or motor-boats from Dong Chau Beach. They look like two blue waves in the sea, emerging from a 5 ha islet, which lures people for its lush forest, green casuarinas-trees, small but picturesque and quiet beaches.


Enjoy the Wild Beauty of Dong Chau Beach-Thai Binh

Thu Hillock which has an area of 19 km2 with finely white sand, green pine forest, and the small beach is an ideal place for visitors to go on holiday, have a picnic and relax. Coming here, tourists in Vietnam travel can enjoy themselves with such activities as fishing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, etc.

Vanh Hillock has an area of 15 km2 with salt flooded forest which is the place for many species of rare birds to come such as storks, pelicans, teals, etc. Therefore, it is an attractive place for many reseachers to visit this islet every year.

The best of Dong Chau Beach is pure air, soft winds and good climate, which are good conditions for relaxation and convalescing. Seafood is good to taste and reasonably price. Coming to Dong Chau tourist spot, you can enjoy the fresh air filled with wind from the sea. Moreover, you also have chance to visit some historical place such as Nha Ba Temple, and an Action Unit of Northern Committee before the August Revolution.

If you have chance to visit Thai Binh province, you should not miss Dong Chau beach where  you will be able to not only sun-bathe, but also enjoy good seafood at reasonable price.


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