Enigmatic Nam Dan Ancient Rock Field in Ha Giang

Published:  10:58 Wednesday - September 21, 2011

Nam Dan Ancient Rock Field in Xin Man District, Ha Giang province, Northeast Vietnam is a tourist attraction for those in Vietnam travel who love exploration.

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About 16 km from the centre of Xin Man district, Ha Giang province, the ancient rock field lies in the middle of a valley in Nung Ma Lu’s hamlet. It is surrounded with terraced fields and milpa of the Nung ethnic people. Here remains a lot of historical relics, such as letters and symbols carved in rocks.

The local people in Nam Dan Commune call this ancient rock area "Na Lai", which means "fields of writing characters". It is a unique vestige with a century-old history which has been ranked as a national vestige. It is also a destination of tourists in Vietnam travel to contemplate the cultural quintessence of the ancient people.

Nam Dan ancient rock field is a large valley which was discovered in 2004, by scientists of the Institute of Archaeology and Ha Giang Province Museum.

In this field, there are many pictures carved into the rocks thousands of years ago. It is different from the vestige of the ancient rock field of Sa Pa in Lao Cai province. This one in Nam Dam is not as famous as the one in Sa Pa, but the beauty and secret of it is none less attractive. 

The Nam Dan rock field has many huge rocks with many carved pictures. These rocks are along the Nam Khoong stream. There are about 7 huge blocks and 2 great rocks with over 80 carved pictures and 80 holes.

Archaeologists believe that these pictures and holes have been made by using an iron chisel and hammer. These pictures are of circles, rectangle, square, parallel lines, some symbols (most of them of femininity. There are symbol of triangle and a line in the center), human feet, human in the position of stretching out arms and legs, and some carves which has been still unidentified.

Scientists have showed that this area was possibly a vestige of tomb of a community's leader or a very holy area to worship the gods, ancestors and some great people. In addition, this vestige is also related to the rule of worshipping the god of rock of the ancient people.

If you have a chance to come to Xin Man to go sight-seeing and discover the life of the local people, you should visit this rock field of Nam Dam. There are mountains, streams, big block of rocks, places to relax, and especially in addition to contemplate the wonderful nature…you can also know more about history and the cultural vestige of the old days.

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