Drive back the heat at Ho Tay Water Park

Published:  09:50 Monday - September 16, 2013

Cool down your Vietnam summer vacation with the only water park in Hanoi city. It situates on one side of West Lake, the largest lake in the city and also a nice entertainment complex of a "Sen" buffet restaurant, a large Kinder park, an amusement park named "new Solar" and this Water Park.

Fun rides and attractions, great place to hang out with locals in a non-touristy setting, great views of Ho Tay Lake and adjacent lotus pond, relaxing setting with lots of shade and benches.

Bathrooms and showers are sprayed down frequently but remain smelly and feel pretty dirty with no soap available and no mirrors in the gents' room, the park has uneven (and even slightly slippery in places) pavement making flip-flops a necessity, men can't wear a rash guard (sun-protective in my case) even on the lazy river ride or wave pool.

Fun things to see: There's a temple dedicated, it says in Chinese, to the water moon, in one corner of the park. Creaky, rusty old monorail from adjacent theme park sometimes trundles around overhead. Vietnamese, while not prudish, are very modest and you'll notice that many women wear swimsuits that amount to leggings-plus-T-shirt. Western visitors may want to take this into account. Lockers are available in several sizes. Fast food and drinks at several stands.


Ho Tay Water Park in early morning

Sliding lanes should be the most exciting activities when one comes to this water park, consisting of high-speed lanes for single; black thrilling lanes for couples and carpet sliding lanes with a height of 14,5m may provide extremely excitement.

Visitors seeking for strong high surf don’t need to go to the seas because Ho Tay Water Park features a 3m depth wave-making pool with its waves of 1,2m high. Extreme experiences can be collected in a system of swinging ropes and diving pool of 3,5m in depth. For ones enjoy relaxing moment may lay on a buoy, then let the artificial currents of the 450m long “lazy-stream” drive you around the park while sunbathing and sightseeing the poetic West Lake outside the complex.

Lazy stream

Children are prioritized with a large area well designed with funny cartoon characters and colorful lanes of lower height. Near this zone are a wide array of food and drink serving stalls as well as many eye-catching fountains and statue for photo posing.

Located right beside the water park is Moon Park with dozen of games for youngsters and kids vary from thrilling games like high-speed train, aspen blitz, dropping down from height to games which are more appropriate for kids like driving carts, bubble house, or bumping cars. In here can also found the magnificent ferries wheel lifting ones to a height of 60m, offering the whole great view of the West Lake and part of Hanoi.

Adjacent to the Water Park is New Sun Park, an amusement complex with more challenging games than the merry-go-round of downtown parks, such as the Giant Wheel or Thang Long roller-coaster. Just outside of both parks is the famous Sen Ho Tay restaurant, which took the lead in reviving Vietnamese traditional specialty in the forms of buffet. If you are a fan of Ngon restaurant, you cannot miss Sen.

Lotus Pond

Come and join the so funny atmosphere at Ho Tay Water Park to struggle in cool water, wallow and play exciting games, taste delicious dishes and soft drinks by the side of West Lake. This is a place worthy enjoying with families and friends. 

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