Pay a visit to the revered Nguyen Sinh Sac historical site

Published:  10:50 Wednesday - December 07, 2011

No one who has traveled to Vietnam does not know about Ho Chi Minh - an intelligent and courageous man. He is considered as the greatest leader of all time by Vietnamese people. Paying a visit to Dong Thap, visitors in Vietnam tourism will have a chance to get more knowledge about him by visiting the Revered Nguyen Sinh Sac historical site. The site was built to commemorate, not Ho Chi Minh president, but his revered father, Nguyen Sinh Sac.

Situated right in Cao Lanh city, Nguyen Sinh Sac historical siteis regarded one of the most important cultural and architectural complexes in Dong Thap province. Covering an area of 3.6 hectares, the site includes two parts: the tomb and the hall of Nguyen Sinh Sac. Besides, the site also comprises other interesting features such as a stilt house, a pond, etc. The first thing visitors in Vietnam travel will see when stepping inside the site is the tomb of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac, which has a hand-shape roof decorated with nine carved dragons – the symbol of Cuu Long (Mekong River delta region).

Within the area of Nguyen Sinh Sac historical site, tourists joining tours in Vietnam are free to explore the surrounding garden. There are various kinds of flowers and plants if the garden; some of the trees are gigantic ones with the age of over 300 years. If the garden is abundant with flowers and trees, then the hall is home to many documents, pictures and vestiges which are closely attached with the life of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac. During his stay in Cao Lanh and in southern Vietnam, there are many vestiges and documents related to this period of his life, which are also displayed there.

Pay a visit to the revered Nguyen Sinh Sac historical site

Every lunar year, on 27th day of 10th month, people gather here to celebrate the death anniversary of the revered man – Nguyen Sinh Sac. Today, this anniversary has become a formal event, yet its festive spirit still remains.

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