Discovering the natural and Champa culture beauty of Binh Dinh Province

Published:  18:39 Thursday - December 08, 2011

The central province of Binh Dinh entices nature lovers with its diversity of coastline, mountains, rivers, swamps, lakes, islands, fields, countryside villages and traditional festivals of Champa culture....

The central province of Binh Dinh entices nature lovers with its diversity of coastline, mountains, rivers, swamps, lakes, islands, fields, countryside villages and traditional festivals. The province is nationally known for producing talented martial artists and as the birthplace of national hero Quang Trung Nguyen Hue.

"Egg Stone" in Ghenh Rang Beach

Thi Nai Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Binh Dinh at more than10 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide and is a source of delicious seafood. On a small island in the lagoon is a small temple which was built by the villagers to worship the Water God. East of the lagoon, Phuong Mai Peninsula guards Quy Nhon city. North of the peninsula are beautiful beaches reaching to Phu Cat district.

Ham Ho Tourist Area is a 3-kilometer stretch of river that winds through the forest and is especially popular with fish who love to gather here during flood season.

Thanh Mountain stands like a moss covered city wall. Hoi Van Hot Spring in Cat Trinh, Phu Cat district is a traditional healing institute. It is said that water from this source saved the life of a Cham princess, so it is also called Fairy Spring.

One-Mountain Lake in Nhon Tan commune has a surface area of over 1,200 hectares. Around the lake are springs, waterfalls, caves and primary forest and its sheet glass surface begs for skiers. Near the lake, residents of Bana village usually invite tourists to party with them.

Banh It Tower

The Banh It Tower complex in Tuy Phuoc district’s Phuoc Hiep commune consists of four towers dating back to the 11th century. Each tower has its own specific architecture and on the top of each is a stone statute of the God Shiva.

Duong Long Tower

Duong Long Tower in Tay Son district’s Binh Hoa commune is a group of three Cham Towers that were built at the end of the 12th century, the most prosperous stage of the development of Cham art. The middle tower is 24 meters high and the two towers that flank it are 22 meters high. Sculptures here are glamorous yet delicate and the lively animal motifs are mysterious. Duong Long is considered one of the most beautiful towers in Vietnam.

Canh Tien Tower

Canh Tien Tower one of the towers of typical Binh Dinh architectural style (dating back to the 12th century). Its structure is composed of the front hall and shrine (now, the front hall has collapsed). The outer walls are decorated with pilasters and vertical, protruding frames. Different from other Cham Towers, the pilasters and edges of the roofs of Canh Tien Tower are built of sandstone. At the four corners of each tower’s storey are stone motifs of phoenix tail. In the distance, Canh Tien Tower looks like a great, flashing fire.

Doi Tower

Doi Tower site was built in the late 12th century and early 13th. Here, there are 2 towers of 18m and 20m in height respectively. Both of them have got a special structure different from traditional, multi-storey towers. They are composed of two main parts: the square-shaped body and the similarly curved roof. Besides the aforesaid towers, in Binh Dinh Province there are also Phu Loc Tower located at Nhon Thanh Commune, An Nhon District (35 km northwest of Qui Nhon City), Thu Thien Tower in Binh Nghi Commune, Tay Son (35 km from Qui Nhon City), and Binh Lam Tower in Phuoc Hoa Commune, Tuy Phuoc District (22 km from Qui Nhon City) which was built between 11th and 15th century in the time of the Champa Kingdom.

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