Discovering Mysterious Caves at Trang An Eco-tourism Complex

Published:  11:30 Tuesday - December 06, 2011

With the total area of 1,961 hectares, Trang An Eco-tourism complex boasts 48 grottoes and caves, 31 valleys and the hallowed cultural area of Bai Dinh Pagoda. Cruising around the area, tourists in Vietnam travel will get a chance to use the mountains as walls, the rivers as roads and the caves as palaces.

In Vietnam tourism, visitors coming to Ninh Binh province can make a tour around Trang An in order to visit nine grottoes and three temples, Trinh, Tran and Phu Khong. About a kilometer from the wharf, tourists joining tours in Vietnam will get to the complex’s longest cave called Dark Cave  with the length of 315m, and then to Bright Cave which has four gates opening to mountains walls.

Discovering Mysterious Caves at Trang An Eco-tourism Complex

These caves are home to many wild creatures and plants and each cave has its own beauty with many stalactites in a profusion of color. Trang An is truly a land of myth and fantasy making it easy to forget the troubles of daily life. Rowing through Trang An Grotto in the quiet, fresh air of the highlands, with only the sound of the birds and the oars stirring the clear water and surrounded by magnificent forested mountains upon which graze white goats, visitors enjoy a heaven on earth.

Tourists in Vietnam travel not only sit on a boat and cruise through the caves but also climb mountains to visit temples associated with historical relics from the dynasties of Dinh, Le, Ly and Tran from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries.
Tourists can contemplate bronze statues, bells and 500 stone arhat statues at Bai Dinh Pagoda.

As other sites in flooded areas, the entrance and the exit for an excursion to Trang An is a wharf. However, after finishing the tour, tourists will not come back to the entrance wharf but will move on to another wharf to have food in a restaurant.

When drifting on the rivers, discovering the mysteries of the caves and breathing the incense smoke from the temples, tourists’ soul will feel peaceful and comfortable.

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