Discover Hau Giang province

Published:  09:55 Saturday - February 27, 2016

Hau Giang province is one of the provinces belonging to Mekong Delta River. This is a province with a rich culture and many festivals. Coming here, tourists will take the chance to visit a lot of national historical sites and provincial monuments.

Located in Mekong Delta River, Hau Giang seems to be an ideal destination to discover and spend a wonderful and significant trip. This province is very special and unique as it has many interesting things to offer tourists. It has a dense network of rivers and canals and this contributes to make the province various and plentiful in culture and custom. Tourists will enjoy the chance to visit 9 national historical sites, 6 provincial monuments and 27 festivals in the province. Furthermore, do not forget to enjoy specialities of Hau Giang during your trip.

At the first point, you will take a visit to 9 national historical sites in Hau Giang to know more about the culture as well as specialty of the province. 9 national historical sites include Hau Giang provincial People's Committee (Phu Huu Commune), Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Relic Site (Phu Huu A Commune, Chau Thanh District), headquarters of stopping fight Southern Union bases of Can Tho People Committee Provincial (Phuong Binh Commune, Phung Hiep District), temple of Uncle Ho (Luong Tam Commune), the Historical Site of Provincial Party Committee's and Long My Historical Site, the Vy Thanh - Hoa Luu populous area, Vam Cai Sinh Victory Monument (Vy Thanh City), Victory Monument Tam Vu (Thanh Xuan Commune, Chau Thanh A District).

These are special architectures in Hau Giang which are classified the national and cultural sites. Let's go to visit these places to understand more about history and culture of Hau Giang. This is what makes the specialty and difference of the province from other provinces in the region. In addition, Ha Giang owns 6 provincial monuments with the statues of national heroes to celebrate and remark the sacrifice of those people. These monuments reflects the heroic history of Hau Giang in the past as well as Vietnam in the war period.

At the second point, as located in the Mekong Delta, Hau Giang is the homeland of Khmer minority group. There are some traditional festivals of Khmer people taken place in the province every year. Some of them are Chol Chnam Thmay Festival, Ok - Om - Bok Festival and Sen Dolta Festival. Khmer people contribute to make the variety of culture in Hau Giang. Also, Hau Giang is also a province of many festivals organized each year including Uncle Ho Temple Festival and Quan Thanh De Ong Festival. The festivals often have some exciting games for residents to take part in. Spend your time participating in the festivals in Hau Giang, your trip will be more wonderful and unforgettable as you will have a chance to take part in games, especially, boat racing is the most popular and exciting game to join and cheer. 

One of the should-not-miss things that you should take the time to enjoy being floating market and fresh fruits. Nga Bay or Phung Hiep floating market is considered the busiest and largest market in Hau Giang with many types of products which are sold here including fresh fruits, rice, meat, vegetables, etc. Let's come and enjoy the busy atmosphere in the market where a lot of boats floated on the river and each of them has a lot of goods and other products of the region. From this place, you can buy anything with a cheap price. In addition, it will be very regretful if you miss the chance to visit and enjoy the fruit gardens in Hau Giang. Coming here, you have the opportunity to enjoy the special fruits taking from the trees such as Cau Duc pineapples, Phu Huu grapefruits, Long Tri tangerine. 

Last but not least, Hau Giang is famous for the unique music of Don Ca Tai Tu which was recognized as the intangible cultural heritage. Enjoy the performance art to understand more about Hau Giang's culture. There are many clubs of Don Ca Tai Tu hold in Hau Giang and it is really interesting to learn how they perform this type of music. You absolutely will have more memories and experience when enjoying the performance of Don Ca Tai Tu with artists in traditional costume and musical instruments. 

In conclusion, Hau Giang is a really wonderful and exciting place to experience and discover. Come and enjoy the specialty as well as features of this province. All are waiting for your enjoyment and discovery.

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