Tham Pua Cave, Dien Bien in a list of Vienam’s National Historical Sites

Published:  15:04 Sunday - November 27, 2011

Tham Pua Cave is situated in Bung Lao Commune, Tuan Giao District, it is an unmentioned natural site.

About 10 meters in height, Tham Pua Cave comprised of many small crevices and tunnels is extremely large and deep. A big, even, flat rock stands in the middle of the cave like a large table. Stalactites in various figures such as dragons, lions, phoenixes, elephants and beautiful orchids hang down from the walls of Tham Pua.

The cave not only owns natural beauty, but it is also a place where stone axes, pestles, and animal fossils have been found. It was listed among the National Historical Sites of Vietnam and now it is becoming one of the most tourist-attractive destinations of Dien Bien province in Vietnam tourism.

At the end of 1953 to January 18, 1954 Tham Pua cave was also the first Command Post of Dien Bien Phu Campaign. On January 14, 1954, this cave was a place where an important meeting of the Viet Nam Army to carry out the plan “ quickly attack and quickly advance” took place.

If you are joining tours in Vietnam, Tham Pua Cave in Dien Bien will be a visit-worthy destination.

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