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Published:  10:03 Wednesday - January 16, 2013

Hanoi, is a major city in Vietnam has many interesting tourist attractions to visit. In contrast to Ho Chi Minh City with a strong a touch of French architecture, Hanoi as the capital of Vietnam presents a different view. Chinese architecture is very dominant influence felt and the old town that never die, especially the Old Quarter.

Here are best tourist attractions in Hanoi, Vietnam.

1. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

In this place jazad Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam hero as well as former presidents preserved and stored in a glass coffin. Near this place, there is a simple house made ​​of wood, the place where Ho Chi Minh once lived in his lifetime. Even when elected president, he still chose to stay at home rather than simply move to the presidential palace. Today, the former home of Ho Chi Minh City is used as a museum.
2. Museum of Ethnography

Want to know more about the Food Culture Visit the ethnographic museum that has a diverse collection of more than 50 tribes living in this country.
3. Temple of Literature

This place is the main destination for tourists who visit Hanoi. Therefore, try to come up in the morning (this place is open from 08.00 hours in the morning) to avoid long lines.
4. The Municipal Water Puppet Theatre

In this place a kind of puppet artistry demonstrated that we know in Indonesia. Interestingly, the show is done under the water surface. Curious, is not it? Try this out!
5. Ba Dinh District

In this place was anciently an Imperial Palace, but many of the parts of the building that have been destroyed either caused by age and become 'victims' at the time of the Vietnam war in the past. However, the remains of the beauty of the building pagodas, temples, large gardens and beautiful and important monuments with Vietnam tourism.
6. Old Quarter

The street is also called '36 ', Atmosphere The Old Quarter is always alive, bustling with motorcycles passing by, shops and street traders, and do not miss the tourists from all over the world. Explore the area filled with house which is known as tunnel houses, tunnel houses because it is narrow and elongated shape into.
7. Municipal theater

This place formerly known as the French Opera House, where the style of the building is deliberately similar to the Opera Garnier in Paris with the pillars of a la Greece, but in a smaller scale. Until now that is still well-maintained building is still used for opera performances as well as other large-scale art performances.
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