Đầm Môn Peninsula - Potential Tourism Site of Khanh Hoa Province

Published:  15:59 Saturday - December 10, 2011

Đầm Môn peninsula is potential tourism site of Khanh Hoa province.Đầm Môn Peninsula is beautiful with its stretching sand dunes, about 20 isles with virgin forests, and exotic creatures in the fishing village of Đầm Môn.

Location: Đầm Môn is located in Vân Phong Bay, Vạn Thạnh commune, Vạn Ninh district, Khánh Hòa province. It is about 80km north of Nha Trang City on the National Highway 1A and about 45km by the sea.

Features: Đầm Môn Peninsula is beautiful with its stretching sand dunes, about 20 isles with virgin forests, and exotic creatures in the fishing village of Đầm Môn.

Đầm Môn Peninsula

Đầm Môn Peninsula –boasting an area of 128km ²—is one of the destinations that the World Tourism Organization has conducted a survey on and is highly appreciated. The location has all the natural conditions optimal for the development of eco-tourism: the climate, coastline, forests, landscapes, ecosystem, ports and supply of marine products, etc. And the most important fact is that all of the conditions are completely and originally natural.

In June 2002, an 18.5km road was started from the foot of the mountain pass Cổ Mã to Đầm Môn, and activated the development of tourism in Vân Phong Bay. Taking the new route throughout the peninsula, visitors can see houses as half sunk in the sand, the immense white sand dunes stretching out into the distance with no traces of humans, which provides a sense  of crossing a vast desert. At the end of the dune areas is the road from Đầm Môn to Đại Lãnh. The last point of the journey is a small fishing village located in a bay, quiet and shady all year long with evergreen coconut trees. Its name is Đầm Môn. Đầm Môn has three communes: Lower Đầm Môn, Upper Đầm Môn and Xuân Đừng.

A small fishing village in Dam Mon

In this small fishing village, visitors will find people barefoot, sitting or lying on the sand anywhere. Upper Đầm Môn commune has a high sand hill, where visitors can see the whole view of the deep blue sea far away. In Xuân Đừng commune, we can find fresh water just a short distance deep into the shore ground. This area is also home to the ethnic minority community called Đàng Hạ.

After having toured Đầm Môn commune, tourists can take a boat around 20 isles and explore their virgin forests. Or tourists can take an expedition under the water. There is an ecosystem of ​​coral reef, which are fairly typical of Vietnam. Tourist can go diving to watch the coral reefs, go swimming or boating in Vân Phong bay.

In the evening visitors in Vietnam Tourism to Dam Mon can go squid fishing or make a campfire right on the beach.  And what can be greater than enjoying the fresh taste of sea food like grouper or big lobster from a floating cage nearby?

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Khanh Hoa Province,Đầm Môn Peninsula is a must-see place that should not be missed!


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