Da Nang - a special and magnificent city

Published:  17:37 Thursday - November 12, 2015

Da Nang is the port city in Vietnam and it is also the biggest city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. The city offers many interesting and exciting things in Da Nang for tourists to discover and experience and it promises to be a very luxurious attraction for Honey Moons.

Visiting Da Nang, we always have many things to do and discover. There are pagodas, cathedrals, museums, and especially there are many wonderful beaches in the city. In fact that, Da Nang city is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Vietnam including Imperial City of Hue, the Old Town of Hoian and the My Son ruins. 


First of all, tourists should go to visit several pagodas and cathedrals in Da Nang city such as: Linh Ung pagoda, Cao Dai temple, and Da Nang cathedral. Linh Ung pagoda was created with the combination between modern and traditional beauty. There is a Buddhist statue in the pagoda and the pagoda was built to worship the statue by local villagers. Also, visitors will have a chance to discover the collections of Arhats, statues of Buddha Sakyamuri, Guanyin and Tripittaka as well as a tribute to beautiful architecture of past and present. Linh Ung pagoda is considered the spiritual tourist place for those who are keen on worship.


In addition, Da Nang cathedral is another worship place considered the spiritual tourist attraction in Da Nang. It is the only church in Da Nang built by French Colonialists. The cathedral is often known with the name Rooster as the weathercock was made of light alloy on top of the steeple.                    


Visiting and admiring spectacular architectures should not be missed during the vacation to this amazing and colourful city. These architectures such as Goddess of Mercy, Marble Sculpture. These are very special and featured symbols of Da Nang and we only can have the opportunity to admire them when visiting Da Nang. Besides it, there is a very special and unique architecture in Da Nang that enchants all of people who come to Da Nang known as Dragon Bridge. The bridge is 666 meter in length and it was designed in the shape of a dragon. It will be very regretful for those who has a chance to come to visit Da Nang but miss the opportunity to enjoy the colourfulness and business of the city at night.

The beauty of the city will absolutely be displayed at night with its magnificent and luxurious beauty. The various colour lights reflect  the water of Han River which Dragon Bridge is set across. Da Nang is really a romantic and wonderful city and people are very warm, open - minded and friendly.                                  

One of the famous attraction in Da Nang where is popular not only in the country but also all over the world that is Ba Na Mountain Resort or Ba Na Hills. It is a large resort with a lot of activities and services served tourists and visitors such as: entertainment, resort, hotel, discovery, etc. It is said  to be "the Da Lat of Da Nang province" as it is so beautiful, immense and various. It is home to 136 families, 379 genuses and over 453 species of flora including 251 medicinal species. Besides it, there is 266 vertebrates, 61 species of mammals, 178 species of birds, 17 species of reptiles. The resort is an ideal attraction that give a deep impression on tourists who have ever visited the resort.

Last but not least, Da Nang is known the city with a lot of long and stunning beaches including: Pham Van Dong beach, My Khe beach, Bac My An beach, Non Nuoc beach, Bai Nam & Bai Con beach, Xuan Thieu beach, Thanh Binh beach, etc. Let's come to Da Nang to enjoy your vacation on beautiful beaches and take part in exciting and interesting sports on beaches and underwater. 

Da Nang is not only famous for beautiful and stunning landscapes and scenes, it is well known for delicious and tasty dishes. Tourists are always attracted by specialities and cuisine in Da Nang as it is very tasty and featured. There are many special foods such as: Dry pancake roll with pork, Quang noodles (Mi Quang), Fish cake noodle soup, Dried noodles with anchovy fish sauce, Beef noodle soup, etc. While that, Quang noodles is the most popular and it is known by everyone. Moreover, it offers a long list of snacks including: Marinated beef jerky and papaya salad, Young jeckfruit salad, Crushed rice crackers with anchovy fish sauce, Grilled chicken wings, Grilled corn in fish sauce, etc. Don't forget to enjoy these food because it definitely will satisfy you and let you come back the beautiful city.

Tips for international tourists when traveling in Danang:

When you're preparing to explore Da Nang, the magnificent city of Vietnam, remember these invaluable tips for an interesting and safe travel experience.

Appropriate Attire: Da Nang often has hot and humid weather, so opt for light and breathable clothing. However, when visiting religious sites like temples and pagodas, it's respectful to wear modest attire, covering your shoulders and knees to honor the local culture.

Safety While Swimming: If you plan to swim, choose beaches with lifeguards and always obey no-swimming signs. Be aware that some beaches may have strong waves, so prioritize safety for yourself and your family.

Traffic and Transportation: If you intend to drive, be cautious in Vietnamese traffic, where motorbikes are abundant. Use reputable taxi services like Grab for safe and convenient travel.

Explore Local Cuisine: Da Nang is renowned for its diverse and delightful cuisine. Don't hesitate to try local dishes like bún chả cá (fishcake noodle soup) and mì quảng (turmeric noodle dish) or fresh seafood delicacies. Indulge in the fantastic flavors of Da Nang.

Immerse in Local Culture: Seize the opportunity to participate in local festivals and events to gain deeper insights into the culture and traditions of Da Nang's people. Create memorable experiences and engage with the local community.

Utilize Smartphone Apps: When preparing for your Da Nang adventure, using smart electronic applications during your trip to Vietnam will not only save you time and effort in finding information and communicating but also enhance every moment of your journey. Apps like Google Translate, Google Maps, Grab, Baemin, and more will not only assist in navigation and communication but also enrich your travel experience.

Remember these tips, and you'll have an exciting and safe travel experience while exploring Da Nang, one of the most captivating destinations in Vietnam

Da Nang is really an ideal and exciting destination for travelling. We only can feel the beauty and how magnificent and colourful it is when taking a visit to it. Don't hesitate and let enjoy this special and interesting city.

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