Cua Lo Golf Resort – An attractive destination in Nghe An

Published:  12:52 Thursday - December 27, 2012

Cua Lo Golf Resort is a sport and leisure destination, consisting of a 5-star and 3-star hotels, luxury villas, 18-hole golf course and a beach recretion area.

 The resort, located on Binh Minh Street, a main road in Cua Lo Township, extends over 1.2 km along an intact sandy beach in an area of 133ha.

Spreading along on of the most gorgeous beaches of Vietnam, Cua Lo Golf Course with natural sand dunes anh native Casarina forest offers golfers a real taste of surprising challenges and exciting golfing experiences from Vietnam tourism.

Cua Lo Golf Resort, the convergence of sports, beach, leisure and nature, is an ideal destination for those who love golf, an elite sport, and wish to indulge themselves with luxurious retreats.

The tourists who come to Cua Lo Golf Course not only can play golf but also relax with many kinds of tourist services, therefore, Cua Lo Golf Course attracts a lot of tourists, especially international tourists.

Specifically, many villas which are being finished will be used in July. Currently, the golf practice center attracts a large number of customers. With the advantage location, Cua Lo GOLF RESORT is becoming an attractive destination for domestic and international visitors to Cua Lo town.

Source: vietnam-tourism

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