Con Qui or Qui islet, the smallest in Ben Tre

Published:  10:50 Monday - November 28, 2011

Lying far from the central of Ben Tre Township about 22km by waterway, Qui islet is a new land with wild beauty and many orchards. Tourists in Vietnam travel coming here will enjoy fresh fruits while listening to “don ca tai tu”- amateur folk music, a typical character of Mekong River Delta.

Qui Islet, the smallest islet in Ben Tre, is a sandbank with the area of 65 hectares is in Tien Giang river, between 2 communes, Tan Thach and Quoi Son, of Chau Thanh district. There are many orchards such as sapodila, longan, grapefruit, etc. As a new land, so Qui islet is still wild. The violet-white cork flowers is skimming on water surface and swaying lightly in the wind. Green nipas stretch along the river endlessly and flutter on the waves. The cottages loom in the orchards of heavy fruits. The country girls, who are wearing loose-fitting blouses, drive motor boats or strongly paddle their fruits to market.

When sitting in windy spacious houses, the floating pavilions, the Coconut region tourist restaurants, tourists in Vietnam tourism can relax their eyes from water hyacinth in poetic purple flowers. The restaurants are made of bamboo, nipa leaves furnished modernly and the visitors can enjoy the popular special dishes here such as sour soup with pangasius krempfi, cork and spinach; red african carp steamed with termite castings and pumpkin flowers; anabas or pseudapocryptes elongatus or snakehead fish cooked in fish sauce on bowl. While listening to the harmonious sound of amateur folk music and songs, tourist joining tours in Vietnam can enjoy fresh fruits and sip a cup of honey tea (the homemade product). The amateur folk music and song has existed for a long time in Ben Tre and more and more developed, which makes the rivery region more graceful.

Listening amateur folk music in Qui islet

Listening to amateur folk music in windy spacious houses- Qui islet- Ben Tre

Having exsited for a long time in Ben Tre, the amateur folk music and songs have been more and more developed, which makes the rivery region more graceful and attracts more tourists to the region.

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