Con Dao and its beauty

Published:  15:31 Tuesday - December 22, 2015

Con Dao is an archipelago of island located in the South East Sea. Con Dao is a district of Ba Ria - Vung Tau and it is an ideal destination for those who are nature lovers.

Tourists will be offered a lot of things to visit and experience including nature, museums, pagodas, markets and statues. Con Dao is definitely a must - see attraction in Vung Tau as it carries the natural and stunning beauty. First of all, for those who are nature lovers, you can go to visit Con Dao National Park and Dam Trau Beach. Con Dao National Park is a diverse ecosystem and it has many species of corals and turtle sea.

The park covers fourteen of sixteen islands and their surrounding marine area. Visiting the park, visitors have a chance to discover the undersea world with many pieces of animals and plants in different colours and shapes. It is the home to 882 species of floral species, 135 species of animals, and more than 1300 species of marine creatures. Besides it, Con Dao National Park is the favourable habitats of rare animals such as Hawksbill, Green Turtle and Dugong. There are many rare animals and plants inhabiting in the park and it contributes to make the diversity of the park. Coming to Dam Trau Beach, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the atmosphere and activities on the beach. 

At the second place, tourists can go to visit Van Son pagoda in Con Dao. The pagoda was built to meet the spiritual needs of residents and visitors who wish to implement their worship. In addition, you also can do to visit some museums such as Revolutionary museum, Phu Hai prison, Phu An camp, Phu Son camp, Phu Binh camp, etc... Coming to visit these museums, tourists will learn more about the history and architecture of Con Dao. Especially, visitors will have an opportunity to visit prisons in Con Dao. These prisons are where remains a lot of traces of the war and painful history of the country.

At the third place, tourists can go to visit Con Dao market. Con Dao market is the place where many things are sold here. Coming here, you will find fresh vegetables and food stalls of local specialities, small garments, toiletries and others. Let's come here to know more about the daily life of Con Dao. 

Furthermore, it will be so regretful if you miss the chance to enjoy special foods in Con Dao such as Mini Savory Pancakes, Can cake, Shredded Duck Porridge and Salad, etc... These foods are featuring dishes in Con Dao in particular and Vung Tau in common. You also can have chance to taste these dishes when travelling to Con Dao. 

For these reasons mentioned above, let's take your chance to visit Con Dao when you wish to travel. The attraction will absolutely satisfy your wish to travel and admire the beauty of nature.

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