Charming and romantic scenery in Ca Mau

Published:  08:30 Monday - March 04, 2013

I used to think that I would never come to Ca Mau for my travelling hobby because it is not known as paradise of famous scenic spots as in Hue or Danang…But after my new experience here, this land has suddenly become the most impressive place to me.

Located in Tran Van Thoi District, Hon Da Bac (Silver Stone Island) is deserved to be at the top of your to-do list. Hon Da Bac has an area of 6.4 ha and consist of 3 islands next to each other with Vietnam travel guide.

Many people who have ever been here said that Hon Dao Bac is like a “tray landscape” that is located among the sea. It is ravishing paradise in my mind. Visitors can find easily sculptures of nature on Hon Da Bac.

Among the shaggy trees, visitors can enjoy the fresh air of the nature. You have not only been impressed with scenery here but also see first-hand local fishermen who catching fish or oysters. Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious food made from oysters.

Besides Hon Da Bac, tourists should try to cruise on Thi Tuong pond. Situated between Phu Tan and Tran Van Thoi District, Thi Tuong is known as Bien Ho (Lake Sea) among delta area. Thi Tuong pond is made up silt of My Binh River, Ong Doc River and a variety of large and small canals in the area. Thanks to rich ecosystems, this land develops aquaculture strongly.

Here, visitors will be surprised by the houses on stilts that “grow” among the vast river and local fishermen live here to raise aquatic fish farm. Visiting to small house, visitors can enjoy the delicious dishes with cheap price.

However, it will be wonderful if you have the chance to watch the sunset in the middle of the vast river.

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