Cao Bang and its special things

Published:  14:26 Monday - December 21, 2015

Cao Bang is located in the North - East region of Vietnam. It is a province belonging to the mountainous region of Vietnam and the place that witnessed a lot of important history events of the country as well. Coming to this place, tourists will have a chance to look at the darkest and painful period of the country in the war.

There are many things to recall when visiting Cao Bang that tourists will have a chance to review and learn more about the great history of Vietnam. It is regarded as the camp of many dire and serious battles. It wrote down the history of the country and made the great victory of the country. Visitors can go to visit war destinations in Cao Bang and get to know more about the heroic history of Vietnam.

Besides it, there are many stunning landscapes and beautiful sites in Cao Bang that tourists can take a trip to visit. The most famous landscapes in Cao Bang that are very popular to visitors such as: Pac Bo Cave, Phja Den, Ban Gioc Waterfall, Thang Hen Lake, Nguom Ngao Cave, Xanh Market, etc.. While that, Pac Bo Historical Site is the place that President Ho Chi Minh worked and lived here during a period of the war remarking a lot of important activities and events; Phja Den is situated in exchanging area with many traffic lines, it has many high mountainous terrain, caves, remaining big area of primitive forest. There are many species of rare animals and plants in Phja Den and well-known vacation sites of French such as the weekend villa of French and the Red House Compound.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is considered to be the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam. It originates from Quay Son River with the height of 53 meters and width of 30 meters. Tourists will admire the beauty of waterfall as well as the beauty of nature. Seeing water dropping down from the peak to the river, it will bring you an interesting and exciting feeling. Everything is blended to the nature and it makes people feel comfortable and pleasant. Especially, on Summer, tourists will definitely feel the refresh atmosphere and pure water from the waterfall, a very cool feeling.

Along with Ban Gioc Waterfall, Thang Hen Lake is another natural beauty in Cao Bang. It was listed as one of the 36 beautiful lakes in the mountains of Vietnam. The lake has the basin shade with the length of over 500m and the width of 300m. Tourists will see the blue water surface covering the lake. It makes visitors feel relaxed and immerse into the nature. Besides it, Nguom Ngao Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in northeast of Vietnam. Coming here, visitors will a have an opportunity to admire stones in different shapes including human bodies, forest plants, animals, etc... The cave has an attractive and magnificent beauty and it makes tourists feel the harmony between stone and water. It is really a wonderful beauty created by nature.

Visiting Cao Bang, visitors can not only go to visit and admire natural beauties but also enjoy the atmosphere in markets and enjoy delicious foods in this place. There are two fruit and vegetable markets that visitors can go to visit in Cao Bang. Let's come here to know more about the daily life of people in Cao Bang. In particularly, Xanh Market is the market with an ideal view to look at the town. Markets are the place to know more about the life and activities of residents. It will bring you a general understanding about the destination.

In addition to visiting landscapes in Cao Bang, taking the chance to taste special foods in Cao Bang will absolutely give tourists unforgettable memory. There are many types of dishes which feature mountainous cuisine and have different types including: dishes made from bumblebees, tofu, sour pho, ant's egg cake, wild herbs, seven flavours of roasted ducks, roasted duck pie, Trung Khanh chestnut, canarium fruit sticky rice, hanging-on-ceiling-beef jerky, Khao cake, Gam river fried catfish, grilled pork bacon, etc...  These dishes are very special and you can not have the chance to enjoy them anywhere but Cao Bang. Let's spend time tasting the dishes to get a perfect trip when coming to Cao Bang.

Cao Bang is really an ideal and exciting place to discover and experience. There are many things waiting for you to enjoy and feel. Do not hesitate to take a trip to Cao Bang and find how wonderful it is.

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