Cam Son Lake, beautiful picture in Bac Giang province

Published:  08:33 Thursday - June 14, 2012

Located in Luc Ngan District, Bac Giang province, Cam Son Lake (Cấm Sơn) Is famous blue water all year round, is the ideal place for tourists in Vietnam travel to visit on holiday.

Driving from Ha Noi to Bac Giang (51km). Continue until the Hoa River (98km) and turn to Cam Son Lake.

The lake has an area of some 2600ha, but during the rainy season when flooding is common, the lake can expand to some 3,000 hectares . The length of the lake is about 30km. Its widest point is about 7km, and narrowest point is about 200m .

Around the lake are high mountains surrounded, or put another way, the shore of the lake are the mountains and tall trees. Coming to Cam Son Lake, visitors can see here the beautiful picture by the shores of lakes are the imposing mountain with the tall trees shed their shadows on the water that is quiet and decorated by hundreds of islands looks like a miniature Ha Long of Bac Giang land.

With the planned construction projects around the Cam Son Lake, not much longer, Cam Son will become attractive resort for visitors with many types of tour activities: boating, hiking, fishing, walking in the villages of ethnic minorities, or walking in the forest..

Bac Giang province also boasts many other attractions such as Duc La Pagoda built early in the Tran Dynasty. The pagoda is in the foothills of Co Tien (Fairy) Mountain and bound by Luc River, rice fields and small villages. Nham Bien Mountains are in the distance.

Tourists can also visit Khe Ro Primitive Forest, which is a 7,153ha protected forest in An Lac Commune, Son Dong District. The area boasts a rich variety of flora and fauna and many fresh water streams. Other sites of interest include Khuon Than Lake and Tu Ma Temple.

Translated by H.T

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