Cam Luong Fish Stream- The Stream of “Holy Fish”

Published:  23:29 Thursday - December 29, 2011

Coming to Thanh Hoa province, tourists in Vietnam travel should not skip Cam Luong Fish Stream. According to the legend, the stream contains thousands of “holy fish”. However, nobody dares to catch fish of this stream.

Cam Luong Fish Stream is located in Ngoc Village, Cam Luong commune, Cam Thuy district of Thanh Hoa Province. Legend has it that the stream contains thousands of fish that called holy genie by local people. Significantly, no one dares to catch fish of this stream.

Cam Luong Fish Stream- The Stream of “Holy Fish”

 Cam Luong Fish Stream- The Stream of “Holy Fish”

The stream starts from the cooling Bo Um mountainous cave then runs down through the village. On its flow, the water brings into the stream plentiful of strange fishes featured with the red ring at the girl, added with golden glittering and red tails. Generally, all fish shares common characteristics of have red mouth and fins, and brown scales, resembling carp. Each fish weighs from two to eight kilograms on avarage; rarely people can found them with 30kg in weight. Everyday schools of fish swim from to the stream in the morning and swim back to the cave when the sun sets.

Besides Fish Stream, visitors in Vietnam travel coming to Ngoc Village can be offered chances to visit Cay Dang Grotto and the Ngoc Village of Muong Ethnic Minority.

Thus, joining tours in Vietnam, traveling to Thanh Hoa Province, then staying in Ngoc Village, playing with thousands of “holy fish”, enjoying the beautiful caves and grottos, dancing with Muong people and tasting traditional Lam rice and Can wine will be unforgettable moments during travelers’ vacations.

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