Cai Mon orchard- The cradle of fruit trees in South Vietnam

Published:  11:30 Monday - November 28, 2011

Visiting Cai Mon orchards in any season around the year, tourists in Vietnam travel can enjoy the fun when freely discovering in the orchards and eating fresh fruits.

Cai Mon is located on the bank of the Tien River in Tien Thuy village, Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach District and Ben Tre Province. Cai Mon orchard is considered the cradle of fruit trees in South Vietnam, its small and narrow paths are covered with green trees bearing heavy sweety fruits. Tourists in Vietnam tourism coming there in any season can enjoy various fruits around the year.

Cai Mon orchard- Ben Tre

Cai Mon farming village also provides millions of breeding-tree types such as durian, mangosteen, sweet mango, seedless longan, langsat and varieties of citrus. There are also many graft and multiplication artisans who create the diversity of bonsai shapes by the very spectacular figures of deer, stag, dragon, phoenix, etc. The products are widely sold in Thu Duc, Bien Hoa, and exported to many Asian countries.

To tourists who want to discover the village of South feaure, Cai Mon is an ideal place where they can see and enjoy the fresh fruits despite being in any reason of the year.

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