Cai be floating market, a unique cultural characteristic of water regions

Published:  16:09 Thursday - June 21, 2012

The Cai Be Floating Market is one of the many well-known floating markets in the Tien River, adjacent to three provinces of Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre. The Cai Be Floating Market is always busy, and attracted a lot of people come to buy sell and exchange goods.

The market is divided into two parts: buying and selling places. Boats and rafts are anchored along the two sides of the river. From the floating market, goods are shifted for selling at inland markets or small boats take them for delivery along canals in the Plain of Reeds. 

In the early morning, from three 3am, rafts and boats are crowded because Cai Be is one of the biggest wholesale markets in the region. Traders live on the river and some link their lives with boats like their mobile house for generations.Thus, Cai Be seems to be an inseparable part of their daily lives.

Along the criss crossing canals, people in the Plain of Reeds take not only goods of each countryside to the Cai Be Floating Market but also their unique cultural characteristics, creating such a beautiful river painting.  

Take a boat trip to Cai Be floating market, travelers are attracted by the painting of real life of people here with the looming streets under the coconut trees along the river, gourd groves swaying in the wind. All create agreeable scenery for travelers to enjoy. Connecting gardens, rivers and interleaving canals – the genuine beauty of the countryside has become an ideal destination for those who wish to escape from the busy cities.

Cai Be floating market alone is a unique cultural characteristic of this waters region. With the groups of people and boats going in a rush, with all means of transport by waterways, the market is like a miniature city on the river. It is always busy all the day long, with a wide range of items trades here from fruits, households items to clothing, etc. Visiting Cai Be Floating Market, travelers can also find for themselves many kinds of special food and drink on the boats, or even enjoy a cup of coffee for a relaxing morning.  

The Cai Be Floating Market becomes more sparkling at night by the lights from the boats on the river, reflected through the river water like thousands of stars falling down. To rise the charm for "city" at night, many of the boat heads are hung with lovely lanterns like lighting eyes.

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