Bird yard in Ca mau City

Published:  15:04 Friday - June 15, 2012

Drived 4 km from Ca Mau, center towards Ly Van Lam Street is 19/5-bird yard. Being springtime, framework of bird yard more and more lyric, poetic. Each year, just on the occasion of Tet, birds gather here again as made a date long time ago.

Ca Mau, city in southern Vietnam is the capital of Ca Mau province, a province in the Mekong Delta region, in the southernmost part of Vietnam's inland territory.The city is characterized by its system of transport canals and most goods are transported here by boats and barges.

For Ca Mau people, bird yard is a pride, in near future, Ca Mau will be the first City which has a bird yard houses with resident. On holidays, especially on the occasion of Tet, birds yard brimful with laughter of tourists. Not an end, within the campus of bird yard also has Trau Cau restaurant, which was selected by many inseparated couples to organize their greatest happy day of the life. In a locality as Ca Mau, the establishment, maintainment and enlargement of such an attractive position is very appreciate, encouragable
The birds make their nests in tall trees and spend their mornings searching for food; the perfect opportunity for tourists to take out the cameras. Camau Tourist Company has a one-day bird-watching program by boat.


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