Bo Tan Lake - Breathtaking beauty spot

Published:  08:34 Friday - March 01, 2013

Bo Tan lake, the paradise of species of birds, is located in the base of breathtaking Phuong Hoang Mountain. Looking up, you can see forest of pine trees stretching endlessly. There are primeval forests in the distance.

Travelling from Bac Giang city on the National Highway No.1 to the intersection of Song Khe – Noi Hoang, turning left and keeping going about 10 kilometers on the road 298 that is the way to Neo town, Yen Dung district, you will see a mysterious green color of Nham Bien mountain undulating, standing among verdant rice-fields and looming houses near the mountain side. All of them make a vivid picture.

Walking along the road of village about 2 kilometers, you will reach Binh An hamlet, Tien Phong commune, Yen Dung district. Also you can see an immense lake that is about 6 hectares in width, hiding in the foot of majestic Phuong Hoang Mountain with Vietnam travel guide. Looking far away, the immense green color stretches away to primeval forests that are had a cold bath by the Thuong River annually. The lake is next to the mountain side so the water of the lake is blue, the surface of the lake is always flat because it surrounded by mountains. It is like a huge mirror.

This is a real paradise for species of birds. At the nightfall, flock of birds come back to gather to their family. The area of the lake is not big, but it is in an attractive terrain because it is surrounded by cloud, mountains and luxuriant and dense forests, winding slopes curving round the mountains. The average temperature here is about 25-28 degree, it is very cool and so it is suitable for relaxation.

Although Bo Tan lake is not the most prominent and attractive destination in Bac Giang district, the eco-resort Bo Tan lake will attract visitors and be a stop in the system of eco-tourism in Yen Dung district. From here, keep going about 3 kilometers, you will come to Kem pagoda (Sung Nham pagoda) that was built in 1557.

Also on this road, keep going to Phuong Hoang monastery, this is a big construction that is building with a modern scale, located in Co Tien Mountain, next to Con Son Mountain. Next to Nham Bien Mountains, there is Vinh Nghiem pagoda. This is the first place of Truc Lam monastery . The pagoda that leans against Co Tien mountain near Luc river, was set up by Tran Nhan Tong king in the XIII century.

If we have the lucid investment on constructions of the region of Bo Tan river, this place will become a tourist attraction. It will be an important construction in the program of developing tourism in Yen Dung district in particular and in Bac Giang district in general.

This will be the beginning and the end for a jouney, visiting Yen Dung with tour Bac Giang – Yen Dung from 1 to 2 days; The tour HanoiBac Giang – Yen Dung from 2 to 3 days and other tours.

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