Binh An Lake- An Ideal Place for Relaxation

Published:  11:14 Sunday - December 25, 2011

Visitors in Vietnam tourism traveling to Binh Duong province often donot forget to visit Binh An Lake. They are totally attracted to the beauty of Binh An Lake with its sun and breeze. The name expresses the peaceful, quiet atmosphere which is very far different from the noisy, busy and tense life of the urban outside.

Binh An lake is situated in Binh An Commune, Di An District, Binh Duong Province. Tourists in Vietnam travel certainly will be attracted by beauty of Binh An Lake with its sun and breeze. Green trees spread their shade above paths along the lake. Along the ways, verdant flowers and leaves cover everywhere. Below high foliage, sometimes visitors in Vietnam travel can surprise sawn stumps serving as seating places. Flower trellis, cement bridges are made in form of rough trees. Small island has curved roofs appearing vaguely or intermittently inside luxuriant forest, natural bridges reflected on ancient and romantic water. 

There are pleasure-houses, restaurants located on water surface in center of the zone, which are looked like houses of fishermen anchoring in crowded land. In ashore there are small and beautiful pointed roof houses like house of Highland’s people. These are houses for relaxation of visitors for midday or for some days. Some houses are like villas for families or people, who need high-class comfortableness. 

The Lake offers many gastronomic services. Visitors in Vietnam travel can have their meals on the spot when fishing, sailing or taking rest everywhere around the lake. At night, Binh An Lake wears black coat decorated by light pearls from hundreds of colorful lamps in central zone like flower garlands and colored lanterns. There are many places for gastronomic services, small for a family and large for hundreds of people. 

Binh An Lake will be a really good destination for any one, especially for tourists in Vietnam travel who would like to enjoy your relaxation after tense working days.

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